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  1. Recently I stopped working on Skulltag so that I could focus on a completely new project. As you might imagine, this project is a brand new FPS, which is codenamed Vega.

    Vega is currently being worked on by WastedYouth (who made the map featured below), Mechadon, and (obviously) me. It will feature gameplay similar to Doom, in that it will be simple, fast, and furious. It will also be very easy to mod, so those of you who enjoy modding should be pleased.

    Anyway, enough chatter. Here are some screenshots:

    SHOT #1: The center area. The central column has a lift that takes you to the top.

    SHOT #2: The inner passageways, showing off the dynamic lighting.

    SHOT #3: The corner of the map, showing off some blue lighting.

    SHOT #4: The edge of the map. Hey look! Room over room!

    BONUS: A shot of the editor, with the above map loaded.

    We've been working very hard on it, and hope you enjoy this sneak peek at it :)

    We've also just set up a blog where you will be able to follow Vega's development, as well as read about some of the technology behind it. You can find the blog at http://vega.skulltag.com/.

    Anyway, that's it for now!

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    2. kristus


      deathbringer said:

      How will enemies / objects / weapons etc be created? Or will it be

      "Make them in 3Ds Max and import them"
      "I haven't got 3Ds Max"
      "Torrent it lolz"

      Only people who doesn't know better use 3d Max for modeling.

    3. Bucket


      And what does people who does know better uses?

    4. kristus


      For sculpt modeling, Zbrush or Mudbox. (I've only used Mudbox though)

      For general all purpose modeling apps, Modo. Lightwave is also good, and from what I understand Silo3d too.

      But Modo is really the best since it's got customization coming out of it's ass. The program doesn't tell you how to model. You tell it how you want to model.

      As for animation. I really have very limited experience as I've only used 3d studio versions for that so far. But that's where it's strenths are. It's a studio program more than anything. Not a modeling program.

      Maya is a program famous mostly for it's powerful animation abilities. But also for it's poor modeling tools. I've yet to actually try it out myself though.