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  1. Hello world!

    For those of you who care, we've just finished up work on our most recent phase, which was to put together a small demo representing the gameplay/visual style of the final product. We're now in position to find a publisher and get this sucker done!

    So why should you care? Easy: screenshots and a video!

    I've put up a whole new batch of screenshots over at our dev blog, as well as an HD video of the gameplay in this demo.

    I hope you guys like it! A lot of work has gone into this demo, and I think everything's come out great so far. But hey, I'm biased, so many everything is actually super sucky.

    Anyway, enjoy!

    More screenshots

    Watch at YouTube

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Carnevil said:

      Look, I did say that I want people who are objective.

      So being "objective" is being a yes-man who agrees with everyone else's opinion on a certain movie? Oh wait, I thought you didn't want yes-men.

      Creaphis said:

      Now it sounds like you're just finding ways to discredit what your testers say.

    3. Bank


      Your aesthetic direction is bland and amateur, the only interesting part in the entire demo is the snowy mountain out the window.

      Give it some personality instead of this awful mid-90s looking shit. Think visually because you're certainly not going to win any hyper-realism awards, so why not go ultra-stylized and give the player some really beautiful illustrative visuals instead of gray gray gray boring boring boring. You had a bunch of fun with skulltag, why not this?

    4. Carnevil


      Actually, that's the plan! I can only do so much myself, though, and I have zero artistic talent. Once we get some more help, we'll certainly make it a lot more lively and interesting looking.

      EDIT: And actually, that's UT2K4 textures that we're using. So it's mid-2000's shit... not mid-90's shit :)