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  1. Krivanka

    Cyberdemon Fights

    It all depends really. Like in Alien Vendetta Map The Demonic Hordes I like all the cyber placements and there are about a dozen. But in some maps they can be more terrifying even in reduced number, like in Alien Vendetta Map Beast Island Like most seem to be saying, it is pretty much how they're placed and used within' the map. The fact that they can instagib you is always terrifying to me
  2. Krivanka

    Favorite Doom Sound?

    Spider mastermind crashing Baron death in doom 64 Picking up a chainsaw
  3. Krivanka

    Has Doom aged badly?

    Vanilla has in my opinion With the help of source ports though I think Doom is aging fairly well, all things considered
  4. Krivanka

    Badass Icon of Sin sculpture

    love the dead cacodemon :D
  5. Krivanka

    Things id got wrong

    I think there could have been a little more randomization with the projectiles. In stead of a cyber always firing a series of 3 rockets maybe fires a series of 2 or 4 occasionaly. Maybe imps could randomly shoot a couple fireballs in rapid succession, make that part of the game less predictable. That sort of thing.
  6. Krivanka

    Things id got wrong

    Mastermind is too weak Baron was too easy. He's just like a slow moving ammo dump. Although in the right situations ...like having multiple in a tight enclosure they can be quite deadly.
  7. Krivanka

    Plutonia: really well done

    I liked it alot, although I don't remember too much of it as I've only played through it once. Levels like Abattoir and the Twilight were a particularly tough challenge. Probably my favorite iWad, but behind Alien Vendetta in terms of overall quality gameplay and difficulty.
  8. Krivanka

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Map 27 of Alien Vendetta is slowly taking my sanity.
  9. Krivanka

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Oh wow, thanks. I wasn't expecting someone to actually know, I had a feeling it might be original That said the Alien Vendetta remaster sounds way better, haha it's probably my favorite doom midi yet. The midi is definitely better than then level, heh.
  10. Krivanka

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Alien Vendetta Map24
  11. Krivanka

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Is there any list or something out there that tells you what everything under General>Texture Options or GL Options or Surface Options do? I'm looking at things like multi-sampling and paper textures and wonder what the fuck some of these things do. I don't really want to tweak the settings that I'm unfamiliar with because I did that before and ended up having to reinstall because I fucked up my graphics and didn't know what did it. Like, what the fuck is a high quality texture resize. These features intrigue me, but I dont know what they do Thank you!!
  12. Krivanka

    DOOM HD Project

    The models look great, but my question is what is your ultimate goal with this project? Do you plan to create a fully 3d doom experience? If so, with what Iwad? What source port would this run on It's a great start, but really you've only barely scratched the surface. Let me know when you designed the Spidermastermind. And put it through beta testing on a supporting Source port. Haha. Love the ambition though :)
  13. Krivanka

    Funny Mancubus animation

    Hahaha I was expecting the doomguy to get splattered or something
  14. Krivanka

    Doom 2 In Name Only: An indepth review thread

    ITT: Doom Worlds quality control sucks My opinion: Not every megawad released on this forum is going to be I dont know.. of Alien Vendetta quality and I think some people need to realize that. Play through them, offer your criticisms and go to the next megawad. Or better yet, LEARN TO MAP AND DO BETTER. I played through d2twid and, tarnsman, while your maps were good, weren't masterpieces ( I hate commas)
  15. Krivanka

    Best MAP01

    Icarus, Alien Vendetta (all of AV is really a masterpiece imo) and the Entryway (mostly nostalgic reasons) are my top 3