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  1. Thank you, mate. Looking forward to playing this!
  2. Interesting. I’m using DSDA and loaded the wad with sprite fixing project and colorectal blood wads. In the difficulty menu, it only showed three options (easy, medium, hard) + corrupted. The first option (I’m assuming easiest) wasn’t visible but was selectable. Could it be that the wad doesn’t like additional fix wads (like sprite fix / blood)?
  3. Why can't I select the hardest difficulty? It just says "corrupted" in the difficulty selection menu and when selected says "you are literally not beating this, go back to the menu now".
  4. nobleflame

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Latest dev build of DSDA - does anyone else have the bug where some sounds don't overlap? As in, if I collect an item and kill a zombie man at the same time, only one of the sounds will play? Is there a fix for this? Cheers!
  5. nobleflame

    Multithreaded Renderer Beta [NOW IN MASTER!]

    By the way, this update is incredible. I can now play Heartland (map 07 in particular) at a consistent 144 fps on my i7 9700KF; 3070 combo. Before, it would drop to 100 and below sometimes. Well done, guys!
  6. How do you get to map 33? Is it the usual way (i.e idclev)? Cheers, Chookum!
  7. The first thing is definitely a preference thing, and really it's my own fault for playing single-seg UVMAX runs. The fact that I don't allow myself to save is what was causing my fatigue in repeat playthroughs. Definitely do not change this; the level is a work of art as it is! And second thing - double doors would fix the issue entirely. I'm not familiar with DOOM level building, so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to move one of the rooms / areas a few paces to the left or right to ensure the player falls onto a platform when running through the central part of the door? Thanks again for an epic map :)
  8. I enjoyed it a lot but if I had any criticisms it would be the following: 1) the beginning dragged a bit as I felt I was shot-gunning imps, SSGing Hell Knights / Cacos quite a bit and in large spaces - not sure how to mitigate this though. 2) a small thing, but the fight with the flashing, dropping platforms and switches was annoying in that the layout of the platforms was off centre from the opening you run through to get into the area. A few times I ran through the centre of the opening and fell directly into the toxic blood, effectively ending my run there (or taking a massive amount of health). Not sure I'm explaining that correctly, but I felt that there should be a platform directly under the centre of the door you go through to get into the area. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. The timed fights and teleporting resources a were great touch and I enjoyed the aesthetics of the map.
  9. Just finished all maps single-segment, UV MAX (excluding items). This is wad of the year for me so far. The music, atmosphere, MBF elements and level design are all top tier. The last level definitely gave me some trouble in that it was long and there were a lot of areas you could screw up. I particularly liked the final fight. Took me around 45 minutes to finish map 11. Thanks for the effort and time that went into creating this. Excellent stuff!
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I've found an error with the mega armour secret in Map06. The soft lock appears to have been fixed, but now the secret tag doesn't trigger when you collect the mega armour. This means you can only get 3/4 secrets.
  11. Played through map 01 and this is already one of the best wads I've played so far this year. I love the attention to detail and the haunted mansion aesthetic. Excellent choice of music too. You really went all out with the DOOM cute and I'm here for it.
  12. nobleflame

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Would this not work with borderless windowed mode instead? Enabling Xbox game bar causes other issues in other games.
  13. How close is this to being done? I see there are only four remaining maps to finish? Is that right?