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  1. Hey Buddy,how do you install this thing?
  2. Hey guys what's been happening lately?

  3. Doominick

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Omori looking pfp
  4. Doominick

    What are you listening to?

    Triple Trouble
  5. Doominick

    Share Your Sprites!

    i tried making Tord from Eddsworld
  6. *Sigh* i don't know where to put this um Hey Doomworld it's me,Doominick i was wondering can i use some map files i can use as Reference cus i really want to study them and make good maps not shitty maps so um if y'all can help me out a bit and find some send maps i can use Reference to make of my maps better that be great,thanks also i want some maps that have somethings like doors and other modeled stuff
  7. Doominick

    Postal Dude Fanart

    this is so awesome
  8. Doominick

    how do i make cutscenes

    i wanna make a cutscene like wads like moonlight raid did
  9. Doominick

    how do i make cutscenes

    Hello Doomworld and happy new year and i have a new problem and the problem is i wanna know how do i make proper cutscenes also i don't know if i made a post like this before or whatever but i really wanna program and i don't any tips and tricks how to so i need your help once,Doomworld
  10. Doominick

    How do i find these Tree sprites

    thanks bro
  11. Doominick

    How do i find these Tree sprites

    really where can i find it?
  12. Hello Boys and Girls it's me,Doominick and i wanna know how in the world can i find Tree sprites you know ones with the green leaves on them not the ones with no leaves on em cus i need for a few park levels for my wad and shit
  13. Doominick

    Smart CTF 2