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  1. ebigautisticnerd

    How to Preload Textures?

    Hello Can i reload textures? and if yes, how? thanks
  2. ebigautisticnerd

    How Do i Set a Line id? (GZDoom, Latest)

    In the same field as tags, of somewhere diffrent? (UDMF)
  3. ebigautisticnerd

    How Do i Set a Line id? (GZDoom, Latest)

    Hello The Question is the Title Thanks In return
  4. ebigautisticnerd

    Can One Create "Pitch" Sprites?

    Sprites that are shown if the actor has a certain rotation on the y axis (Like Roll but on the y axis for short) (Hope This Sketch helps)
  5. ebigautisticnerd

    Can One Create "Pitch" Sprites?

    Hello, The Question Is simple: Is it Possible to create "Pitch" Sprites? How can One create "Pitch" Sprites? Thanks.
  6. ebigautisticnerd

    "P_Startscript: Connot find script 1" keeps poping up

    I forgot the loadacs...
  7. Merhaba (or for some of you yet again), the question is simple Shortly put, even if seemingly i programmed everything right (ACS and Keykonf), this message keeps poping up. No matter what i did, this message keeps poping up, and i want to know what i could be doing wrong. So that the fellow doomworld user reading this can answer my question, under below you can find the written code: ACS: KeyConf: i can add more if needed Thanks for your 1.04.72 Mintutes and help
  8. ebigautisticnerd

    Share Your Sprites!

    I gave Soda pop an AK-47...
  9. ebigautisticnerd

    How to make animated Decals?

    The Question is simple, (if possible) how do i Make an animated Decal? Thanks
  10. ebigautisticnerd

    How do i make a cheat code?

    Hemlo, While i was thinking. I thought of making new cheat codes for my mod, But i dont (Really) know how simply..... Thanks.
  11. Hello : ), while i was working on my doom mod i wanted to add nessesary visuals. And this time its a weapon you throw (on Altfire) and melee with on primary fire. I wanted it to be unselectable upon throwing it aslong as there is no alt ammo because for obvious reasons, but it will select the weapon because it still had a meele primary fire ,but the altfire wont work and it is not logical. I didnt find a soulution for the issue so i ask here.
  12. Works like a charm, Thank you : )
  13. Hello, While i was making a Flamethrower-ish weapon, i didnt find it good looking how perfectly allinged the pojectiles were, so i wondered how to randomize projectile offsets so it looks more realistic : ), thats it...
  14. Progress of schisa.wad:

    Current goal: replace all weapons

    Replaced: Shotgun, Rocket-Launcher,  Chainsaw, Pistol, Chaingun

    Currently working on: Grenade (a New Weapon), bugfixing


    Other things made:

    -some decals

    -revision of some enemy states

    -New Textures

    -New Sounds


    Major Bugs known:

    -The chainsaws alt fire crashes the game (unkown solution)

    -The pistols reloading goes into its aim state (known solution)


    and probably more stuff

  15. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    Ah!, Happens. Thank you very much