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  1. ebigautisticnerd

    Problems With Fog and Sky textures...

    Hello I was Making a map, but when i added fog, the sky was shown over the fog (fog woldnt display on the sky texture) Question is: How do i get the fog to display over the Skybox? And thanks for attempting to, or answering my question.
  2. ebigautisticnerd

    How to Preload Textures?

    Hello Can i Preload textures? (Or in my case, sprites) and if yes, how? thanks
  3. ebigautisticnerd

    How to Preload Textures?

    Upon starting the game, i want the game to Display sprites (in my case), but also not. So that the lag dosn't accure Mid-Game, but rather at the Start Some textures i have in my mod are really high res, but still reasonable if you have high monitor resolutions
  4. ebigautisticnerd

    How to Preload Textures?

    Does this also effect sprites?
  5. ebigautisticnerd

    How to Preload Textures?

    I edited the question, so its more clear
  6. ebigautisticnerd

    How to make animated Decals?

    The Question is simple, (if possible) how do i Make an animated Decal? Thanks
  7. ebigautisticnerd

    How Do i Set a Line id? (GZDoom, Latest)

    Hello The Question is the Title Thanks In return
  8. ebigautisticnerd

    How Do i Set a Line id? (GZDoom, Latest)

    In the same field as tags, of somewhere diffrent? (UDMF)
  9. ebigautisticnerd

    Can One Create "Pitch" Sprites?

    Hello, The Question Is simple: Is it Possible to create "Pitch" Sprites? How can One create "Pitch" Sprites? Thanks.
  10. ebigautisticnerd

    Can One Create "Pitch" Sprites?

    Sprites that are shown if the actor has a certain rotation on the y axis (Like Roll but on the y axis for short) (Hope This Sketch helps)
  11. Merhaba (or for some of you yet again), the question is simple Shortly put, even if seemingly i programmed everything right (ACS and Keykonf), this message keeps poping up. No matter what i did, this message keeps poping up, and i want to know what i could be doing wrong. So that the fellow doomworld user reading this can answer my question, under below you can find the written code: ACS: KeyConf: i can add more if needed Thanks for your 1.04.72 Mintutes and help
  12. ebigautisticnerd

    "P_Startscript: Connot find script 1" keeps poping up

    I forgot the loadacs...
  13. ebigautisticnerd

    Share Your Sprites!

    I gave Soda pop an AK-47...
  14. ebigautisticnerd

    How do i make a cheat code?

    Hemlo, While i was thinking. I thought of making new cheat codes for my mod, But i dont (Really) know how simply..... Thanks.
  15. Hello : ), while i was working on my doom mod i wanted to add nessesary visuals. And this time its a weapon you throw (on Altfire) and melee with on primary fire. I wanted it to be unselectable upon throwing it aslong as there is no alt ammo because for obvious reasons, but it will select the weapon because it still had a meele primary fire ,but the altfire wont work and it is not logical. I didnt find a soulution for the issue so i ask here.
  16. Hello, While i was making a Flamethrower-ish weapon, i didnt find it good looking how perfectly allinged the pojectiles were, so i wondered how to randomize projectile offsets so it looks more realistic : ), thats it...
  17. Works like a charm, Thank you : )
  18. Progress of schisa.wad:

    Current goal: replace all weapons

    Replaced: Shotgun, Rocket-Launcher,  Chainsaw, Pistol, Chaingun

    Currently working on: Grenade (a New Weapon), bugfixing


    Other things made:

    -some decals

    -revision of some enemy states

    -New Textures

    -New Sounds


    Major Bugs known:

    -The chainsaws alt fire crashes the game (unkown solution)

    -The pistols reloading goes into its aim state (known solution)


    and probably more stuff

  19. Hello So if you read the title, i think that you have a question 1.What do you mean "Damage upon Velocity"? like a way to take a Velocity number (x,z preferably), and make that the damage of (preferably) an Pushable actor For example: X or Z= 1 - 1 melee damage My question is: 1.Which Expression will do the job? 2. Which action function is the best for it? 1a. If not an expression, What else Will do? It should take X and Z into consideration, Y is optional. And it is on an non-player actor which is no monster Thanks
  20. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    Ah!, Happens. Thank you very much
  21. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    well im not bad at coding, this is just a "see, implement and dont look further" (this time ist "anomynous functions" and co) of me, but stilll thanks (i always feel like a clown if i post my spagetti code on the internet tbh) Also has this been playtested?, because when i touch the actor to push it. i just go straight trough
  22. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    Well exept its not actor OfficeChair 6587 { height 25 mass 30 radius 15 PushFactor 0.85 Activation THINGSPEC_TriggerActs|THINGSPEC_MonsterTrigger +BUMPSPECIAL +allowbounceonactors +Slidesonwalls +solid +pushable +jumpdown +nofriction states { spawn: BCHA A 1 Damagething(Velx|Vely|Velz) loop } } (The source code of the actor)
  23. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    Damagething(Velx|Vely|Velz) is that right?
  24. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    Well i have a coustom actor with no base (no monsters thing) Also Where do i put the "Special"
  25. ebigautisticnerd

    Is there a way to base damage upon velocity? (in decorate)

    Close, i want to make a Entity with the pushable Flag, and nofriction so it can be pushed better (because the Player will always slow down on Impact with the Entity, which i dont know how to Fix, sience the Player still has to be able to push it), and it shall attack Monsters by dealing "damage on impact equal to its velocity" (it would be neat to cap the Damage to like 1000 so you cant one-shot a cyberdemon) the Push and Entity part is already done btw