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  1. Was bored so i decided to make another one of these, this one was pretty easy lol In-Between - Korp.rar
  2. Done with this one, EZ! At my limit - Korp.rar
  3. Finally done with this thing, its cursed as hell but its the best my brain could do Running from the headache that solo gave me - Korp.rar EDIT: Ill also take At DOOM's Gate :)
  4. @Engired I'd like to sign up for composing a midi Gonna be taking D_RUNNIN
  5. Korp

    Ultimate Doom E3M6 Mt. Erebus Remake

    Nicely done, great improvement overall, my god this one is hard as fuck! Great stuff Had a fun time playing it :)
  6. GZDoom: 6 Zandronum: 2 Chocolate Doom: 1 Mods are fun :P
  7. Korp

    Doom 2 The Factory remake

    This one was hella fun, definitely your best map yet! Glad I could playtest it