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  1. BCHQ

    Is Doom's logo from the 80's?

    Doom have always been a very underground band, Romero's tastes were much more mainstream. I'm pretty sure the game's logo is mostly inspired by the old Metallica logo. Maybe the band's is too.
  2. BCHQ

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Wanted to replay MAP16 and encountered a strange bug: a switch supposed to lower the obstacle raises it even higher instead. PrBoom Version (OSX), Sunder 2407. The switch works as it should in GZDoom. Weird, since I'm sure I've beaten the map before in the same PrBoom version.
  3. Hooray, it's happening! And the screenshots look very intriguing, 3 and 9 especially.
  4. BCHQ

    Chaingun nitpick

    It's not an ammo belt, it's a golden chain. There's a lot of money in killing Doomguys.
  5. They have always been connected: https://heretic.fandom.com/wiki/Serpent_Riders
  6. Damn, Doom and K2 together? That's more death than megadeath!
  7. It takes time and practice (and then a bit of luck anyway) but yes, it's possible. Not taking damage is kinda the point.
  8. BCHQ

    Doom Podcast - An Evening with Nirvana

    Haven't listened to it yet, but I already want a John Romero commentary track to go with it.
  9. BCHQ

    Buying music nowadays

    I buy and collect CDs (mostly old pressings from 80's-90's). Sometimes buy stuff on Bandcamp. Most of my iPhone is filled with mp3s. Streaming services pay miserable pennies to artists, and tend to use loud remasters, so I'd rather rip an original CD and put in my Vox. I got a few LPs, but they are kinda costly, so I only buy selected things. I grew up with vinyl, I like it, it sounds great when an album has been specifically mastered for vinyl, but for the most part I prefer CDs.
  10. "It is payday!" (c'mon, you know the game)
  11. Had a blast playing this. Welcome back, man!
  12. Not gonna lie, this hits on a personal level, so I tried E1M5 just to give it a try and it was scary as fuck, especially the exit. Incredible work. Will definitely give it a full playthrough one of these days.
  13. BCHQ

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    The weirdest looking map so far, and most intriguing. Kinda hard to imagine it with monsters and ammo. Can't wait to play it =)
  14. BCHQ

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Gotta be Alley Cat (1984). Back in 1993, on my first ever PC, which I only had for a year.