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  1. BCHQ

    Last Concert You Were At??

    Paul Romero & orchestra playing HoMM2-3 music a few years go. It was fantastic.
  2. BCHQ


    My 4-year old daughter likes to come and watch, but we're not killing demons, we're "destroying robots". And I tend to turn away after firing rockets. These days we're playing Might and Magic 6 before sleep, she likes to press the attack button, especially when fighting goblins. A green goblin is one of her favourite toys. She is not familiar with the concepts of death and religion yet.
  3. BCHQ

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    Had a goatie since 20, sometimes I get annoyed with and shave it off, but my face looks too stupid roundish without it.
  4. BCHQ

    What country are you from?

    Russia (well, used to be until recently).
  5. BCHQ

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    * Don't think about Sunlust, don't think about Sunlust, don't thi... AW SHIT! *
  6. BCHQ

    Most confusing map ever?

    The Tomb of Varn? Sorry, wrong forum.
  7. Hell Beneath and Perfect Hatred are disliked? They're about the only levels in DOOM1 I really love, 5/5. Barrels O' Fun are nothing but fun. The Chasm is king. Nirvana is a meh rush job, but not *that* horrible.
  8. You start a map and there is a berserk in front of you. You pick it up with an evil grin, open the nearest door and smash the surprised zombieman behind it to tasty meaty gibs before it even can say "HUH?" That's me. Or maybe I'm the Mancubian candidate - old, fat, trapped alone on a bloody rock, and hoping that the doomguy won't kill me until the very last minute.
  9. Definitely Shotgun. I still have nightmares from shotgunning barons in Doom 1. I mostly use it for Imps, prefer chaingun for general sniping, and the rest gets plenty of use (I gravitate towards harder wads where BFG is common).
  10. BCHQ

    WADs with no secrets?

    Yes, Sunder won't waste your time with stupid secrets. No more wall-humping. Except the passage to MAP31, but it's a very simple one.
  11. BCHQ

    Favourite menu music?

    Still gives me shivers a few decades later. Never played quests, but this theme is great. If Summoning wrote game OSTs. Also, shoutouts to Red Alert 1 and Warcraft 2.
  12. BCHQ

    The Dean of Doom series

    He’s already here, and has been for a while.
  13. GZDoom because it counts ALL monsters! The main reason why I’m not on PrBoom fulltime and use it only for Sunder and such.
  14. Apparently Mock and Lilith have been dating for a while...
  15. BCHQ

    Talk about some custom monsters you like 

    Jason zombies in MAYhem 2019 are a ton of fun. Very fast (same as you) melee enemies with chainsaws that make you run around like crazy, make any battle chaotic as hell, wish more wads used them. Astral cacodemons from Eviternity are veery creepy and veery cool. Hive mother from Sunder, as ridiculous and lethal as Sunder itself. And +1 to Suicide bombers, less urgent than the Jasons, but way more hilarious.