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  1. BCHQ

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I got addicted to saveless pistol starts because I hope to win a QuakeCon one day the game becomes more challenging and tactically interesting, and you get to know each map better in the end. Currently trying to beat both BTSX and Valiant that way, even some of the early maps took me a number of attempts, but I don't give up.
  2. BCHQ

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    I've recently beaten Hexen with a Mage too (on UV) and it was surprisingly easy. Wanding enemies can get tedious but you *always* have a ranged weapon with great auto-aim. Will probably try a saveless run sometime. Bloodscourge completely sucks though. The worst weapon in the game. So much for "mages getting powerful as they level up".
  3. BCHQ

    What browser do you use?

    Surprisingly, I stuck with Safari, it's light and fast and I don't use any extensions. In some cases I use Opera for VPN (because Russia).
  4. Will have to go with this one (Sewer level counter +100). Ironically I played it a lot as a kid, and loved it more than Super Mario Bros., but I never knew it was from 1983. God I'm old.
  5. BCHQ

    Most Favorite And Least Favorite band

    Favourite: Blind Guardian, Running Wild, Darkthrone, Isengard (Nor), Bathory, Iron Maiden, Nirvana... Least favourite: every modern metal band with overpowered yet flat as F production, tiny plastic drums beneath walls of flat active guitars, no sense of melody (chug chug), hardcore-ish screaming singer, etc. Among the bigger names I can't for the life of me understand the appeal of Rolling Stones and most blues except maybe SRV (no hate, just bores me to bloody death).
  6. Hooray, HR2 is finally here. I love his videos, I don't always agree with the ratings but the analysis is always interesting, and I've been on a binge rewatch lately. Really hoping Scythe 2 is in the works already. It's a pity we're unlikely to get a Sunder episode.
  7. BCHQ

    If You Could Add A New Class To Hexen...

    I like the idea of Thieves and Druids. A mix of stealth and Hexen, mmm... sounds so delicious. But I'd rather improve certain weapons and add monster variety first.
  8. Astral cacodemons in Eviternity are crazy cool. Hive mothers in Sunder are ridiculous but are used well. I don't like their speech samples though. I started Valiant some time ago, so I'm looking forward to meeting the AAAAAAAA's.
  9. BCHQ

    Was the Pain Elemental a good idea?

    I heard they have a nasty habit to lostsoul on the carpet, though.
  10. BCHQ

    Was the Pain Elemental a good idea?

    PEs are cute and I love them. They are an important part of Doom's almost perfectly balanced monster roster. That said, I second that Lost Souls have too much health. I loved them nerfed from 100 to 45 in Eviternity. Even 60-70 would be better.
  11. I don't have a problem with most Doom 2 levels, Sandy's gimmicks included. Barrels o' Fun are fun. Downtown is passable. The Factory is a tad boring but I'm way more bored completing The Pit or Refueling Base. The Chasm is a winner, it puts you someplace hellish and nails the atmosphere. Nirvana plays just like another filler, yes it doesn't make much sense and it's raw in places but it doesn't stand out as the biggest turd ever. The Citadel, now we're talking disappointment. Wow, a cool castle level? Not really once you enter. Such a great central yard, surely there's gonna be a major, hard, memorable battle? Not happening. What a downer.
  12. BCHQ

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    Finally made it through MAP19 after switching to PrBoom+ (GZDoom could not handle it post-BFG lol). Two timers took very long this time compared to GZDoom, I wandered for like 5 minutes thinking I broke the map: 1) the walls wouldn't come down after the stairway battle, and 2) two arch-viles wouldn't teleport after this fight, but I guess that's what Insane_Gazebo was warning about. Also the switch that lowers the bars to YK can be pressed from below, which makes the fight on that floor (the one where Barons come from a fake meaty wall and teleport in the middle) optional. Didn't see this bug mentioned here.
  13. When you're a poor hungry zombie looking for brains, but idiots around you haven't got any.
  14. BCHQ

    The Mucus Flow?

    I played it after MtPain's video (never heard of it before), I'd say it was a mix of great and disappointing. The best part is the music, hands down. Absolutely weird and magical, I sometimes start my day with it because it puts me in a strange creative mood. I can't help but feel that the map itself could be more memorable and more of a journey. As it is, it has some memorable, beautiful parts (the bucket room, the mancubus gallery), but outside areas are meh and there is not much to really explore. Hiding the critical secret behind an anonymous wall is a dick move. Even making you fight for an automap so you could find it would be a better choice. And then, if you already know where the secret is, it plays very differently, because it's located relatively early in the map. Go get it, then ration your supplies for the rest of the fights. It's still a one of a kind map and an influential one, which is great. But yeah, a bit overrated. Understandable, it's hard not to overrate a map with a MIDI that good.