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  1. benj

    Cyberdemon ART

    Cool, it's really great to hear from people who love doom. Thanks for sharing your love! I love you too.
  2. benj

    TI83 Port (not a real port, but whatever)

    I've played it, it sucks.
  3. benj

    Always Run - How To Bind?

    Always run only works in multiplayer. Your sprinting capabilities drain in single player.
  4. benj

    Best doom3 ATI/Nvidia drivers...

    edit the cfg file in /base so that "com_drawfps" is 1
  5. ...can be found at http://www.omegadrivers.net After installation, my radeon 9600se was able to handle 800x600 at high detail at 40-60 frames a second. If you're not satisfied with your current performance, these are definitely worth a look. Thanks to macvilewhore for the link.
  6. benj

    Action Doom Contest #2

    http://www.thebenmarshallexperience.com/ad.png http://www.thebenmarshallexperience.com/save1.zds I get third place!
  7. benj

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    >>>>{FcOd} shadowrunner: maybe you should go have sex with ben to cool you down<<<< BEST QUOTE EVAR luboo, ShadowRunner.
  8. benj

    Deathmatch Review : The Shadow Realm

    I cant think of any map he's made without an inescapable pit.
  9. benj

    Did you think i would let u guys down?

    Ultimate doom was release on April 30, 1995. Schwing.
  10. benj

    Did you think i would let u guys down?

    its in the same fucking folder. Cant you take your own screens, if mine suck so much??
  11. benj

    Did you think i would let u guys down?

  12. benj

    Weapon Mod

    No, no sarcasm, im serious. If it takes two shots to kill someone with full health, (keeping in mind that full health here is 500) , thats about as powerful as the rocket without the modification, as it only takes one shot to kill someone.
  13. benj

    Weapon Mod

    The flamethrower isnt all that powerful right now, i mean, it takes a whole 2 DIRECT shots to kill someone, and thats with strength and doomsphere active.