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  1. TubularB1Us

    Midi Composing

    Hi all, quick question. What are some good programs that can write/compose MIDI tracks? I'm currently making a short mappack that has custom music, but the current soundtrack doesn't quite fit the vanilla-style gameplay I'm going for. I did find a program called MidiEditor, but don't quite know if it's as good as people say it is.
  2. TubularB1Us

    Wave-Based Horde Mode?

    Hey guys, as the title suggests, I'm looking for a way to create some form of waved horde mode, preferably similar to AVP 2010's solo survival or Killing Floor 1 & 2 if any of you have played them. I've included a video of AVP 2010's survival mode just to give an idea as to what I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated!
  3. TubularB1Us

    The weapons of doom in real life!

    The Plasmagun must be a real pain to use, that grip does not look comfortable at all.
  4. TubularB1Us

    Custom Weapon Coding Assistance

    Nice, thank you so much!
  5. TubularB1Us

    Custom Weapon Coding Assistance

    Hi all, I've recently coded a Colt .45 into the game with the help of Gunlabs, but am unsure about certain values. The code they provided allowed for me to make an automatic shotgun, but of course I want to make a semiautomatic pistol akin to the default starting pistol. On a similar note, I would really appreciate if someone could explain how I can: Increase the fire rate Make the sprites animate faster And have the firing sound play similar to this mockup video? I have both my test wad and the video available here since I can't upload both directly, thanks in advance!
  6. TubularB1Us

    Minimize Viewbobbing?

    Howdy, is it possible to minimize how much the player bobs the camera up and down while moving with something like Slade? The WAD I'm working on utilizes slow player speed, but the stock viewbobbing value makes it look down right ridiculous. I'm fairly new to the rest of the modding scene aside from level construction and importing custom textures so forgive my ignorance in advance.