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  1. Hey y'all, gotta question for ya. How would one go about making something like the shotgun fire all pellets in one spot to mke it perfectly accurate? I know it's possible with atleast the pistol seeing is Doomkid managed to achieve it in his various Rowdy Rudy entries, even going so far as to make it a two-round burst, so I figured there would be a way to make any weapon perfectly accurate. If you must know, I'm trying to change the shotgun to a lever-action rifle.
  2. TubularB1Us

    Post your Doom textures!

    Some random brick textures I through together for a mod, quite proud of the results for someone who rarely texturemaps anymore.
  3. TubularB1Us

    Dehacked Assistance

    Alright, so, I've got everything but I can't get the DEH to run in GZDB (I had to downgrade because my main PC broke and my current laptop doesn't have the necessary features to run UDB I guess.) I've tried typing -dehlump [DEH file name], but nothing seems to come of it.
  4. TubularB1Us

    Dehacked Assistance

    Hey all, as the title suggests - I need some help. I'm pretty new to Dehacked modding and I wanted to change the Plasma Rifle to where it has no cooldown state, similar to Doom Zero if you've played it. I also wanted to change the firerate to make it on par with the Quake 3 plasma gun. I've tried dissecting the Doom Zero DEH file but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so any help is appreciated.
  5. Is the general rule of thumb "If it doesn't crash CD then it'll likely work in the DOS Executable"? I've only ever worked with Zdoom based ports, and I also know the ChocDoom is about as close to the original DOS version as we can get, so I'm not exactly sure on what to look for in terms of level-crashing anomalies.
  6. I absolutely love the hanging corpses on the metal beams.
  7. Slight issue, I dunno why it started happening but everytime I test the level now it doesn't open Chocolate Doom, but other ports work. I'm also getting this error that the IWAD couldn't be found despite the fact that I have it set to autoload Doom II as a base resource for all of my maps.
  8. Since everyone's posting progress screenshots, here's my starter "room".
  9. Did you load the DeHackED file with the WAD? EDIT: nvm, issue's been solved lol
  10. In my experience, a "custom" MIDI usually means something that isn't the stock tracks used in any of the four original IWADs, but I could be wrong though.
  11. One small issue, some textures have this strange pink stripe on the bottom of them and they only appear when testing, not quite sure what's causing this but it's a tad jarring.
  12. Question - I'm not as familiar with ChocolateDoom as I am GZ, so how exactly do I load custom WADs? Every time I drag my map onto the EXE it'll automatically load Plutonia for some reason, assuming that's how it's even done. On a side note, I'm not very familiar with the DOS platform as a whole either, so.
  13. Heyo, it's me again with an albeit strange question. Is it possible to configure what sound a custom flat texture makes when you step on them? If you've ever played with BD or the PB counterpart, you'd know that the player makes footstep sounds corresponding to what "material" a specific flat is, such as grass or stone, so, again, my question is if you can achieve this with custom textures too as I have a few metal flats that currently sound like dirt/carpet and I'm extremely lost as to what I can do to fix it (if I can fix it at all).
  14. TubularB1Us

    SNDSEQ/INFO Assistance

    Hi all, I'm trying to add custom door sounds via the SNDSEQ lump but don't know what I'm doing wrong, I've followed two tutorials exactly and my doors aren't making any sound. The latest tut I watched was from DoomHQ as he used vanilla vertical doors. I don't know if I syntaxed the SNDINFO lump wrong or if the specific tutorial I watched was outdated, but I'm clearly doing something wrong. SNDINFO Lump doors/door1 BDOROPEN doors/door2 BDORCLOS doors/door3 FDOROPEN doors/door4 FDORCLOS SNDSEQ Lump :Door1 door 0 play BDOROPEN end :Door2 door 1 play BDORCLOS end Any help is appreciated.
  15. TubularB1Us

    Midi Composing

    Hi all, quick question. What are some good programs that can write/compose MIDI tracks? I'm currently making a short mappack that has custom music, but the current soundtrack doesn't quite fit the vanilla-style gameplay I'm going for. I did find a program called MidiEditor, but don't quite know if it's as good as people say it is.