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  1. You played my last map and you liked it, cool! 😁
  2. Romero knows how to use them, look at Sigil map 02
  3. RataUnderground

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    Neither talent nor practice are as important as personality.
  4. RataUnderground

    Very Challenging WAD [DOOM 2]

    No thanks! xD , work on a BETTER map, not a harder one!
  5. RataUnderground

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    I think these are much, much better than the actual ones. --- I had some time to kill so I made some gifs to compare lightmodes. Chocolate Doom/DSDA software/DSDA OpenGL/Woof GzDoom ones
  6. RataUnderground

    Very Challenging WAD [DOOM 2]

    Well, you gave me the resources I needed to complete it, so I was able to do it!
  7. Also, intended sourceport/compatibility?
  8. RataUnderground

    Big Half-Life Update

    Isn't that what is actually happening?
  9. RataUnderground

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    Wouldn't Adrian Carmack's opinion be more important in this case, since he is the one who drew the sprites and textures?
  10. RataUnderground

    tips for classic doom: general

    -Think at every moment how you can simplify the scenario in which you find yourself. This will help you to prioritize some enemies over others. Generally you will want to finish off hitscanners first if they have a shot at you, but pain elementals and archviles are also high priority monsters. As soon as you see them appear, be aggressive and finish them off as soon as possible. -Use infigting to your advantage. Taking cover with other monsters or simply evade the fight with your movement and let them kill each other is a very useful strategy in many cases. -If you have taken blue armor, don't take green armor until you are lower than 50 armor points, as it will replace 50% protection with 30% and the trade-off won't be worth it. -Memorize how many shotgun shots or how many rockets it takes for an enemy to die. Generally revenants take two rockets, mancubi three, and archviles four. -A point-blank super shotgun shot produces damage similar to a rocket. -Memorize the firing pattern of cyberdemons. They usually fire three rockets and then move. Take advantage of this moment to get close and shoot them with the BFG. -The first two shots of the chaingun have no dispersion, so to snipe distant enemies you can do it by quick clicks. -You can close a door before it finishes opening, the monsters can see you through the crack, but they can't reach you, so they usually end up infighting.
  11. RataUnderground

    In which difficulty do you prefer playing Classic Doom?

    HMP. Most wads are better designed for this level than UV, even if by accident.
  12. RataUnderground

    What makes Doom so attractive to weebs?

    Ah yes, the two genders. Doom and Anime.
  13. RataUnderground

    Problem with lighting in Blade of Agony

    Thats looks like Blade of Agony to me...
  14. Okay, this is still an early version, I still have to choose a midi, detail a little more, improve the aesthetics a little bit... But for now you can test it if you like. Map##: 12 Name: Bath Author: RataUnderground Music: (not decided yet) File: https://mega.nz/file/ZCYCxL6K#_FTY68XWETEkoRlrVorcNCnamhyjjPN78eFb1332Lbo
  15. RataUnderground

    Ultimate Doom Builder or doom builder?

    From the user perspective its just the same program but better. You lost nothing with the switch to UDB xD