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  1. RTC_Marine

    Slade [No Longer] Keeps Crashing

    The stack trace isn't very helpful in the screenshot, however I suggest posting this to the SLADE issue tracker on github here
  2. I changed the tempo but this does fix it, I do not have multithreading set to on either This can be tested when running Doom E1M1, listen to the music for a little bit and you'll notice a sudden pitch change. Changing the mouse sensitivity or resolution has no effect, I've also tested it in heretic and it was the same, my mouse is a bog-standard lenovo one.
  3. Glad to see this project is still going! Some bugs I have noticed: * Music playback is fine for a couple of seconds after starting a level, then the pitch drops for the whole song * When freelooking, I have to give the mouse a good push to make it work, slight variations in mouse movement do not register * The launcher has a typo "Hexen: Death Kinks of the Dark Citadel" Apart from all that, nice work! :)
  4. RTC_Marine

    First trailer debuts for 'Alien: Covenant'

    So far, all I can say is "have I seen this before?", but I'll still watch it just because I love scifi
  5. RTC_Marine

    Doom 2016 Graphics Study

    So much going on, Awesome!
  6. RTC_Marine

    Battle: Doomguy VS Doom Slayer

    While Doom Slayer is listening to Nirvana and The Living End, Doomguy is head banging to Vivisection
  7. RTC_Marine

    Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

    I just have a standard Lenovo keyboard and mouse: model KU-0225 for keyboard, model MOEUUO for the mouse, both of them have held up very well over the last 4 years of heavy typing and some serious gaming.
  8. RTC_Marine

    How to find a mosquito in a room?

    Nuke the entire site from orbit Honestly just close the doors and windows then gas the room with bug spray and leave it for an hour before airing it out, I found that to be the best option and it will kill any other lurking bugs in the room as well.
  9. A new Dead Space game that is more like #2 horror than #3, with an awesome story and putting the player through a dirtier environment; like a level wading through necromorph offal and human waste.
  10. RTC_Marine

    Games that failed the jump to 3D

    Duke Nukem Forever Blood 2 Both being terrible, actual 3D sequels
  11. RTC_Marine

    Favorite Chip Brand?

    I was brought up as of a biscuit kind of person, so Shapes Cheese and Bacon would be my first pick out of everything else. As for chips, O'Ryans Ready Salted.
  12. RTC_Marine

    Iron Maiden Book of Souls tour

    Going to the Auckland gig on May the 1st, can't wait!
  13. RTC_Marine

    Old Doom sites index

    Needs more tables and iframes Otherwise DoomKid, this is great!