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  1. out_of_service

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    That’s one of my all time favourites!!! It’s always in my must watch movies during this time of year.
  2. out_of_service

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    For me, I always play this!
  3. out_of_service

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    Halloween is my favourite day of the year! Autumn has always been my preferred season and the spooky atmosphere leading up to and on Halloween is awesome. I usually celebrate by watching various horror movies, play horror themed games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, listen to Halloween themed music, read good old fashioned ghost stories and so fourth. On Halloween I always carve a couple of jack-o'-lanterns and display them on the front step. I usually get a mask and hand out tons of candy trying my best not to munch on all of it myself lol. Also, Wishing everyone here a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
  4. out_of_service

    What is the hardest map you've ever completed?

    Not to brag but the hardest map I beat was Go 2 It, on Ultra-Violence, pistol start, keyboard only.
  5. out_of_service

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    This was actually kind of underwhelming. He just kept going on about Pantera and Metallica lol. And his hair loss is distracting.
  6. out_of_service

    How long was episode one?

    I'm gonna say Phobos and Deimos was a 1-2 day kind of deal. As for hell...timelessness.
  7. out_of_service

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    It's actually one of my favourite music tracks from the original games!
  8. out_of_service

    Favorite Video Game Composers

    Favourite video game composer? Holy cow I have so many I gotta narrow it down to three: Aubrey Hodges Akira Yamaoka Masami Ueda
  9. out_of_service

    Bits of doom that are scary?

    I remember being able to play Doom way back in the 90's when it originally came out and having the crap scared out of me. If I remember correctly it was a lot of the levels featured in The Shores of Hell, especially Halls of the Damned. But what really gave me the spooks was the PSX incarnation of Doom. I have lots of great and horrifying memories of that lol.
  10. out_of_service

    Question about DoomGuy and Dark Lord

    Why? "The problem, you see, when you ask why something happens, how does a person answer why something happens? For example, Aunt Minnie is in the hospital. Why? Because she went out, slipped on the ice, and broke her hip. That satisfies people. It satisfies, but it wouldn’t satisfy someone who came from another planet and knew nothing about why when you break your hip do you go to the hospital. How do you get to the hospital when the hip is broken? Well, because her husband, seeing that her hip was broken, called the hospital up and sent somebody to get her. All that is understood by people. And when you explain a why, you have to be in some framework that you allow something to be true. Otherwise, you’re perpetually asking why. Why did the husband call up the hospital? Because the husband is interested in his wife’s welfare. Not always, some husbands aren’t interested in their wives’ welfare when they’re drunk, and they’re angry." — Richard Feynman