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  1. Piper Maru

    Aubrey Hodges' Final Doom music in Alien Resurrection

    Aubrey Hodges Hell's Churn (Command Control) is used in The X-Files episode titled Wetwired.
  2. Piper Maru

    How often do you use the automap?

    I always make good use of the automap! It's an incredibly useful tool that should be utilized. I even use M to mark positions of supplies/power-ups that I might not need at the moment and can come back to later if need be.
  3. The Wasteland series by Alberto Barsella - Dead Base/Mountain of Fire/Sands of Death. These are actually pretty good levels from the 94 era!
  4. Piper Maru

    What do you think of midnight

    @Doomkid is the only DoomTuber I care about.
  5. Piper Maru

    Most disturbing film?

    The most disturbing film I ever saw? Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. NEVER AGAIN.
  6. Piper Maru


    I was eight years old when I first played Doom all the way back in '93 when it originally came out. It was my older brother who got me hooked on Doom. I would spend countless hours playing Doom blasting demons. Our elder sister would look on with disapproval lol. She would always comment about "how can you play such violent video games?!" despite the fact she's a confirmed horror addict. My parents were cool with it. Nearly almost all of the games I played were violent besides Doom - Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil etc etc etc.
  7. Piper Maru

    Do you destroy all the explosive barrels or leave them?

    Yes, I destroy every barrel I see! If I see a barrel standing unboomed I'm like ABSOLUTELY NOT and blast the heck out of it.
  8. Piper Maru

    Last Concert You Were At??

    The last concert I saw was Nine Inch Nails!
  9. Piper Maru

    Anwer this silly question: Do Barons like doors?

    Checkmate, Atheists.
  10. Piper Maru

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

    I Don’t Kill Fat Asses
  11. Piper Maru

    Which Doom map are you?

    I would be e1m3: Toxin Refinery!
  12. Piper Maru

    Your Preferred Food?

    Pizza is all I ever need.
  13. Piper Maru

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    Because they keep typing in IDFA.
  14. Piper Maru

    Random Video Thread