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  1. Deewiant

    Doom On The XBox?!?

    And that was his point.
  2. Deewiant

    Blood Red Skies

    Whichever, you'll probably find it in both. But here's a link for you, to make things easy: http://www.dll-files.com/
  3. Deewiant

    Good lord, we have at least finished doom 2 right?

    I haven't played the whole thing through by myself (only individual maps every now and then), but I've done it a couple of times in 2-player co-operative. Edit: In Ultra-Violence, of course.
  4. Deewiant

    BloodRust Release

    There's HOM behind one of the pillars behind the start in MAP02.
  5. Deewiant

    Doombuilder Door line helps

    I've never even heard of a DR or D1. Ever since Waded it's been # for me. I fully agree with Tolwyn. And since # is the actual correct standard (even if the more popular editors use d) shouldn't that be used? What should the "wall scroll horizontally" have if there'll be no #? CodeImp: Keep them at S1# and SR# or I'll force you to use Waded forever =D
  6. Deewiant

    Doomers by Location

    Earth [**]Europe [***]Finland [****]Helsinki [*****]Kulosaari [******]My house [*******]My bedroom [********]Me
  7. Deewiant

    Doom 2 Speedrun Movie

    Tried that already - doom2.exe still slows down completely whenever a sound is played. Which reminds me, if I turn off the sounds in Doom II's setup, it runs fine. It's just that I'd prefer having sounds as well. Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot... Your mention of v1.9 led me to check my version, and I saw v1.666 staring at me... patched and solved. Thanks to all who answered anyways!
  8. Deewiant

    Doom 2 Speedrun Movie

    I can't get the demo to work. Legacy, PrBoom 2.24 and 2.3 all desynch already in the first corridor of Map01. And apparently, I can't get any other demos to run, either. They work with the basic Doom2.exe, but as I'm running Windows XP, the FPS is _really_ low. What to do?
  9. Deewiant

    Tolwyn's DoomBuilder Wish List

    Not really, but it reopens the WAD from the start, taking a longer time than just opening a level. At least it's annoying on my (slow) computer with big WADs like doom.wad, which take 10 seconds to load the "select the level" -screen.
  10. Deewiant

    Tolwyn's DoomBuilder Wish List

    I don't understand this, it seems. Hypothetical situation: I open doom.wad in E3M8. I want to go to E2M1 in the same WAD. By your directions, I press F2, changing the displayed "E3M8" to "E2M1". I press OK. Nothing happens. As far as I see it, the difference is that if I now saved the WAD, E2M1 would look like E3M8. And I'm not sure what would happen to E3M8. Am I doing something wrong, am I just stupid, or both?
  11. Deewiant


    I've never really played on Nightmare. The only level I've tried (and completed - took me 2 tries) is E3M8.