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  1. BaileyTW

    Let's talk about your week

    Spent the last 2 weeks or so in recovery. Went to a big event where I camped before that and immediately after during more or less my recovery from being exhausted that whole week I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. Shortly after I got a cold except that cold ended up being covid again so it was an aggressively bad one. Havent been able to leave the house at all cause of that, so I've been alone the whole time so that has sucked. Thankfully it's been a few days after I've tested negative for covid so that has thoroughly passed. Ready to do something now next time something comes up in the swordfightng group (to summarize it shortly) I'm in, but it's also more or less our break month so that wont be much. So I'm just here kinda like, itching to do something but there's not a whole lot to do.
  2. 7 Days to Die is an early access game that has somehow gotten more unstable as the years have gone by. Sometimes you'll just encounter a bug which resets your character to new, so losing levels and learned recipes, and the only way to fix this is backing up your saves extremely regularly.
  3. BaileyTW

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I think card artwork from magic the gathering.
  4. Hi! Got another old time improvement. Wanted to go back to my tnt map 1 tyson time, since that was one of the first times I did. Dropped it 5 seconds, which I could have never imagined I'd get back then. Even managed a 57 second time before with 2 imps taking 3 punches each right at the end, so probably could drop this juuuust a bit more, but this I am content with for npw. TNT Evilution Map 01 UVtyson/UVmax in 0:55:66 File: ev01t055.zip
  5. BaileyTW

    favorite track in doom? (classic games)

    Favorites from Doom 1 are Imp's Song, just a nice bass. Sign of Evil. Sinister, probably just the best for atmosphere. I Sawed the Demons, Hell Keep's Untitled song, and At Doom's Gate probably the 3 best and so happen to be episode starters. Favorites from Doom2 are Shawn's Got the Shotgun, I believe it captures a feel none of the other tracks quite catch to anywhere near the same extent. Into Sandy's City, very good track, rarely utilized in a good way. Endgame, the text screen music, great in Plutonia's map 21 Slayer. Waiting for Romero to Play is a nice varied one. Hard to call a lot of Doom 2's favorites cause they're all just so long. Not bad just I dunno, not my favorite. Favorites from TNT Both Death's Bells and Into the Beast's Belly are just extremely defining tracks from TNT and I find it hard picking a favorite. Sadistic however is an easy 3rd best. And then of Course Legion of the Lost
  6. BaileyTW

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    In my one playthrough of fallout 1 with my friend our main combat skill was unarmed. Maybe there's a way to make it work but yah you might be at a slight disadvantage. Still perfectly doable.
  7. BaileyTW

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Bought a shitload of pineapple juice for my wisdom tooth extraction recovery. Heard it helps with the swelling. Despite pulling two of em, no discomfort or pain of any kind yet.
  8. A dark horse has entered the "was doom designed with mouse and keyboard mainly in mind" debate.
  9. BaileyTW

    unpopular retro opinions

    Legend of Zelda 2 isnt that bad as a game as people say. It's gameplay to my knowledge is pretty unique for the time, the swordplay is pretty damn good at times, and it is comparably cryptic for games at the time. Dying is still punishing to an unfun degree.
  10. The red of the chaingunner makes me feel it'd be debuted in episode 2, probably e2m5. I believe this only because i want to believe in a just god and a just god would never allow a chaingunner to be placed outside the starting room door of e1m7 which would happen if they were used that episode.
  11. BaileyTW

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Something from one of those japanese animes
  12. Guess i handicapped myself today in speedrunning Scythe's map 26 while having covid again. Yup, definitely an intentional handicap. Actually stopped a bit early on it yesterday when my heart was racing just a but too much. Felt it was probably unhealthy for that to be going on even if 2nd time around wasnt as bad as the first.