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  1. BaileyTW

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Got distracted from a d2all grind mostly cause work has left me in no mood to do such a thing, so I got Project Zomboid cause I finally have a computer that can actually play it. Pretty neat isometric zombie survival game that I completely ignore the infection mechanic of by turning it off cause the game is brutally punishing since any hit has a chance of incurably infecting you and ending hours and hours of run and like, I'd rather just not deal with that. Fun though, there's tons of depth to it and I am currently spear fishing in da woods.
  2. BaileyTW

    Tell me some mapping sins

    taking a small break from mapping and then that small break turns into 2 months and an unfinished set of maps ;-;
  3. BaileyTW

    Tell me some mapping sins

    that right there is fighting words
  4. BaileyTW

    What is like to live in your country or city?

    some place where geographic features makes it so a lot of the smog and whatnot from other places piles up here, so the air quality is shit. On the upside, the pollution in the air makes the sunsets here have funky colors sometimes.
  5. BaileyTW

    Random Image Thread

  6. BaileyTW

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Bought my own rapier and the rubber tips for it. Had been using my friend's extra sword up to now which is just one of the cheaper economy swords which is plenty good especially for learning, nothing wrong with em, but I've been doing this long enough now and would be nice to have my own so my friend can actually use hers more often or let someone else new borrow it. Could have gotten an economy one for around 210, but wanted one a little more optimized to the way I fight and of course maybe a little fancy, so cost me about 580 and I'm fine with that. Of course I just bought the thing. Parts have to be made so it's gonna be a couple months before it actually gets here.
  7. BaileyTW

    Doom Smash or Pass: All 21 Monsters

    people are more interested in clapping those cheeks and people are not ready to attempt to fathom what those cheeks actually do. I'm not proud of this one
  8. BaileyTW

    What is like to live in your country or city?

    The air sucks here and a third of everyone i knew when I was little somewhere along the way developed breathing problems. I was lucky enough not to but then I got covid so now I have breathing problems forever and this place makes em worse.
  9. BaileyTW

    Random Image Thread

  10. BaileyTW

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    Technically SNES doom is a sourceport I think. Only forward facing sprites so a monster facing away looks like it's looking at you, no infighting but monsters get damaged by projectiles of the same monster type, nightmare lacks respawning monsters, less monsters placed overall even on UV, either the controls or its just my keyboard don't allow strafe running, weapon damage is rebalanced, the shotgun only fires one strong pellet so it's basically a rifle, the cyberdemon has a melee attack for whatever reason, lots of other small changes. Was my first so the snes version of the midis are still like the real version to me.
  11. BaileyTW

    put memes here

    Meme spam like this is suggesting goes more in the everything else subforum. This place is for more important stuff like trying to divine the purpose of the cacoholes.
  12. BaileyTW

    What do you think are the cacodemon holes?

    those are multi-purpose holes
  13. BaileyTW

    Random Image Thread

  14. BaileyTW

    Random Image Thread

    so people know that yes it's an actual thing