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  1. BaileyTW

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been cycling between doom and Morrowind (Skyrim negative 2) these days since a friend gifted me Morrowind, which is nice because before that I was playing Daggerfall (Skyrim negative 3) and it's a nice game but definitely nice to play a newer game, well 2002 is new-ish.
  2. Hi! Posting a UVmax run of Doom 2's map 1. Right before this I did a uvtyson run and I thought this would be a couple hours grind since they were kinda similar. That was 2 days and 654 attempts ago. Only now have I learned that having to use the chainsaw in this map is a blessing because it doesn't mean having to rely on rng from the shotgun. Happy to have gotten this run finally and now I can move on to a map that isn't entryway cause I've been grinding it out the past 4 days. Think I've used the chainsaw more the past 4 days than I have my whole 8 months or so playing doom. Time: 0:50:97 Zip: LV01-050.zip
  3. I noticed in my first 100% playthrough of Doom 2, other than E2M8, you are never once expected to fight a cyberdemon in a "fair" fight. You fight all of them with the aid of invincibility, a bfg, or a spider demon. map 29, The Living End, would have been a perfect opportunity for a fair fight with the cyberdemon and if you go for all kills and secrets that's what you get but uh...exit's just right there. Would have been nice for that cyberdemon to be a required kill, a wall or bars lowering at the exit once the cyberdemon is dead (would have also had the benefit of being another level with a special tag based on monsters being killed like Dead Simple). Now, I do think it would be a spike in difficulty, one that no other cyberdemon but E2M8's really prepared you for but it would have been neat.
  4. Hi! Posting some Doom 2 Map 1 runs. I figured doing some map run 1 of the 4 main wads was the thing to do early on and decided to start with Doom 2's map 1 because I already did 2 other runs of this wad and because I already knew the formatting for the file name for it honestly that was the biggest reason I chose this wad first Did a UVpacifist run and couldn't quite squeeze that 5 second run in my 500 attempts, just not confident enough with sr50 to really use it will return to this when I am. Zip: LV01p631.zip Also did a UVtyson run of map 1. It's such a funny and great category to me and I just wanted to give it a try on a map, and even if I did have to deal with the chainsaw for all 90 attempts I enjoyed it. Got a 0:51 run and for now I am satisfied with that but I can get lower once I build some confidence with being in things faces. Zip: LV01t051.zip
  5. Hi! Posting my 2nd run. Was grind map 11 because I wasn't all that consistent on the jump to the backpack or flipping the switch from below fast. After 144 attempts of lowering my time for a uv speed run and figuring I could do better I got some sort of 0:40 which just absolutely surprised me when I got it. Zip: LV11-040.zip Also a question, I notice that my demos look a bit off from others I've seen, namely that I'll get to the end and press escape or hit the red x and it'll start the next map at the end of the recording. I was wondering if this would affect the validity of the demos and also how to not have this happen.
  6. BaileyTW

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    I'm mostly fine with lost souls actually. I mean it would be cool if they had maybe half their health instead, but I'm not annoyed when I see one. I think it becomes okay to shoot the messenger when they're spamming messages my way like the pain elemental.
  7. BaileyTW

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    If you asked me usually I would say that I don't dislike any of the demons and they all contribute in different ways to the fun of doom. If you asked me while playing any map that has a pain elemental I would say I hate the pain elemental. If you asked me while I was playing a map with fast monsters and a pain elemental I would say I feel my soul escaping from my body.
  8. In The Chasm put a pain elemental in the last balancing section before the red key. I don't feel like the map disrespects my time quite as much as it should.
  9. Hi! New to this kind of thing and new to here. Posting the result of my first grind for pacifisting The Chasm. Was planning on doing a full game run of Doom 2 but figured I'd NEED to get consistent at The Chasm or suffer and this felt like the best way to do that. Zip: LV24p054.zip