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  1. That's not how I interpreted this statement: Sounds like an argument against any map being required to beat, but nevermind. Regarding E3M7 choice, perhaps @Peter could provide a better insight. The map is fine IMO, it showcases Nightmare good enough with all the revisiting to face respawned enemies, fast Pinkies swarming the player and whatnot.
  2. The choice of E3M7 specifically might be arbitrary, but not the rule itself. The point is to experience what it's like to play on Nightmare. NM is largely unfamiliar to most and its knowledge could (and should) influence the level design, monster placement etc.
  3. Had a great time contributing to this project! Hopefully, this WAD will bring fresh experience to those who never dared to touch Nightmare before (like me until recently!) After hours spent on NM, playing Doom on regular UV seems like enabling game slowdown cheats slow to the point of being uncanny.
  4. borogk

    How secret should secret exits be?

    I appreciate secrets levels for what they were originally intended to be - extra content, a reward for exploration. It can be very satisfying to find them on your own. Beating all the levels and then later finding out you missed some content gives you “wait there’s more?” epiphany and may trigger another playthrough! I think there’s enough value in secrets being secrets. If secret exits are in the plain sight - you might as well make regular ones unavailable to guarantee the player will visit them. An example is Struggle by antares, where “secret maps” are just a part of regular progression and a way to squeeze 2 more levels into vanilla Doom 2 format. And it’s a completely valid way of doing things if you reeeeally want them to play everything. Regarding branching paths and player agency - let’s imagine the secret is as accessible as the regular exit. The choice is not between playing A or playing B. It’s between playing A or just skipping it. Might as well put an optional fast track with no obstacles in case the player doesn’t feel like playing :) This kind of design works well in roguelikes, where the choice is meaningful - do you risk going into optional dangerous area for goodies, or do you think your chances are better simply going straight ahead? The choice can be vary each playthrough. In Doom this choice has less meaning. Sure, player may opt out of extra challenge and get on with the WAD. But if you are a kind of player who picks and chooses their levels - you’d just idclev. I know plenty of people who experience wads as a collection of individual maps and they would just go around mapmaker’s design anyway. In conclusion, for a casual / blind playthrough I’d prefer one of two options: 1. Secret exits should be hidden 2. If they are not hidden - regular exists should not be available That’s my humble take :)
  5. No worries, thanks for the response! With so many resources small oversights are inevitable. I’d never think my one-off artwork would end up in a cool project like yours :) Cheers!
  6. I discovered this WAD today, one of my friends directed it to me, saying it has some of my spritework. It's the first time my work showed up in any WAD, so naturally I was excited :) TLDR another person is credited as the sprites author and I don't think it's fair. Sprites are clearly copied from my work (not just inspired by, as shown in the details below). I'll put the details in spoilers, as they may contain, well, spoilers for this WAD ;) I wouldn't care if no credit would be given at all, but actually giving the credit to another person with no mention of me as the source - not cool! Sorry for the lengthy post, I hope it's just an honest mistake that can be cleared up :) don't want to start bad blood or anything. @Vaeros @punch you in the face man
  7. borogk

    dashiefrickindraws and wants to share it

    Been following your work for a while and loved every single drawing!
  8. borogk

    Jack O'Sphere - spooky replacement sprites

    It should work in Crispy as-is, I've just tested it:
  9. Download here This WAD replaces soul sphere sprites with this: And megasphere sprites with this: It's just a small thing I made for a Halloween season. Feel free to re-use the sprites in your work. Enjoy! The WAD also includes GLDEFS to change dynamic light coloring for soulsphere and megasphere items in GZDoom. Tested on dsda-doom v0.19.7 and GZDoom v4.5.0.0. P.S. GIF versions presented above are upscaled from 32x32 to 256x256 to look nicer.
  10. Fantastic work! Love the visuals too ;)
  11. borogk

    what if the doom source code never was released

    Doom engine could certainly be reverse-engineered and huge chunks of it even written from scratch. It would be more of a re-creation than a direct fork. But, even so, the popularity of Classic Doom and the variety of quality custom content would not be nearly as great as it is today. Proprietary console ports would still happen periodically, not dissimilar to how Nintendo keeps milking 35 year old NES games :) Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal could still happen and not even be different from our timeline at all. The franchise recognition for the general public would be still the same ("oh yeah, I remember that thing from the 90s"). Doom community being several times smaller wouldn't make much difference in that regard. Wild speculation mode off
  12. borogk

    Camerawork in the Doom Engine

    LICENSE file is hosted without extension in git repository, which is a common practice (I've seen people do both). The file carries over to zip without any changes during the build process. I guess .txt can be added in later releases, makes sense there.
  13. borogk

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    I prefer 60 fps. 35 frames is fine, but it's difficult to go back after experiencing smooth 60.