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  1. borogk

    I was playing with moving camera in GZDoom

    Thanks! I didn't count exactly, but it's about a week worth of evenings (~30 hours total). Most of it was laying the groundwork - writing some tools to generate camera paths with given parameters. Then it's the matter of playing with parameters, choosing the right camera angles and whatnot.
  2. borogk

    Made a short review video about Sunlust

    I'll try to not disappoint :)
  3. borogk

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Air hockey table
  4. borogk

    Made a short review video about Sunlust

    Oh wow, thanks for such thorough feedback! Certainly, the overall structure of my video could be better. I came up with ~50% of the script in the first few hours and it reflects how my train of though was going. That's where all the ramblings about Doom 2 / favorite monster came from. And then the other half was written as I started making it, so there's that. Regarding where the music section should have gone - I'm not sure myself. It was the most relaxing topic for me to cover. So naturally I put it right before the end :) Anyway, you're right - it is my first time. I hope to improve in the future and I'm glad you had fun watching!