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  1. Very good point. That's was an oversight on my part - I didn't mention that sectors cannot overlap, which is an important factor. It is sort of implied based on presented pictures, but wouldn't hurt to say it more explicitly.
  2. You are right, they didn't rewrite the whole thing. I kind of brought up this point on 03:34 when showing how easy it is to implement finite explosions in existing Doom engine. I'm sure Raven did a similar thing to remove other limitations. And I have to confess - I personally never played Hexen or Heretic. One day, one day...
  3. Can't take the full credit for the joke :) I've read it a while ago in YT comment section, although don't remember where exactly.
  4. I use ZDoom's MovingCamera actor to capture the footage. It's designed to make cutscenes - so you can put a bunch of waypoints, configure angles and so on.
  5. Thanks! It's actually same for me - column rendering is the only thing mentioned in the video, that I didn't know prior to making it.
  6. borogk

    I was playing with moving camera in GZDoom

    Thanks! I didn't count exactly, but it's about a week worth of evenings (~30 hours total). Most of it was laying the groundwork - writing some tools to generate camera paths with given parameters. Then it's the matter of playing with parameters, choosing the right camera angles and whatnot.
  7. borogk

    Made a short review video about Sunlust

    I'll try to not disappoint :)
  8. borogk

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Air hockey table
  9. borogk

    Made a short review video about Sunlust

    Oh wow, thanks for such thorough feedback! Certainly, the overall structure of my video could be better. I came up with ~50% of the script in the first few hours and it reflects how my train of though was going. That's where all the ramblings about Doom 2 / favorite monster came from. And then the other half was written as I started making it, so there's that. Regarding where the music section should have gone - I'm not sure myself. It was the most relaxing topic for me to cover. So naturally I put it right before the end :) Anyway, you're right - it is my first time. I hope to improve in the future and I'm glad you had fun watching!