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  1. Zirtonic

    What are the worst kinds of Metal fans?

    The people that pretend that extreme subgenres like brutal death and goregrind have zero artistic merit because they're hypersexual/violent/misogynistic. Misogyny is gross but you should be able to rub a couple brain cells together and realize that the music itself is still valid and should be judged like you judge other songs with "more mature" themes. I want to hear double bass abuse and 3 thousand consecutive power chords and those genres provide that.
  2. Zirtonic

    Favorite Adult Beverage

    At home I almost exclusively drink whiskey neat. Bourbon most of the time (lots of Wild Turkey 101 and Knob Creek) but I throw in rye and single malts (no scotch) from time to time. A beer here and there but I stick to basic pilsners. If I'm going out I'll order a whiskey sour, 7&7, or here lately a dark 'n' stormy. That last one's starting to irritate me though because bartenders either don't know how to make it or they straight up just don't have the ingredients (I had one ask me if I'd like one "without the ginger beer" lmao).
  3. Zirtonic

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    I launch every other game I own through Steam so it made sense to route DooM through it as well. Plus I get to keep track of my hours which I like. It "prevents" (makes it a giant hassle) me from juggling sourceports like many people do but I really only like how PrBoom feels anyway so it's a non-factor.
  4. Zirtonic

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    Getting a bit nervous that I seem to be the only person throwing everything into their Steam directories. I just put WADs into the appropriate game directory and edit the DSDA .cfg file as needed. Sort by file type and all WADs are automatically alphabetized and grouped together. It probably helps that I do zero mapping or modding so less things to deal with overall.
  5. Zirtonic

    Abandon - Beta is here!

  6. Zirtonic

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    I've always liked the approach of "when you start counting monsters by area instead of by number."
  7. Software only. I can't stand the look of hardware rendering (mainly how smooth everything is) and if WADs require it I just don't play them.
  8. Zirtonic

    How do you tackle levels that you can't beat?

    Continuously bashing my head into a proverbial wall until I figure it out. It's not efficient or smart but it keeps me playing fast and can lead to some pretty hilarious deaths which takes the sting out of failing.
  9. Zirtonic

    [Poll] How do YOU refer to the game?

    DooM. The D and M extend past the Os in the logo and I know it's just a style thing but I think they look capitalized next to the smaller Os. The exception to this is Doom 3 because I don't respect it as a DooM title.
  10. Zirtonic

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    Knee Deep in the Dead of course Alien Vendetta MAP10 (Toxic Touch) for its excellent pacing. I'm also fond of the Archvile placements for some reason. Vanguard MAP09 (Free Parking) to pretend I'm good at slaughter. Valiant MAP15 and MAP31 (Screams Aren't A Crime...Yet and Cyberwar 7734) See above. Sunlust MAP06 (Neo Gerouru) <- this may be my favorite map in all of DooM from a visual standpoint and pretty much the entirety of Operation: Biowar. Love that WAD.
  11. Zirtonic

    How do you personally play doom?

    DSDA-doom only. Boom is as advanced as I enjoy and I don't want to mess around with multiple .EXEs. Typically UV, but if a WAD is known for being tough I have no qualms dropping to HMP. Pistol start unless the text file mentions that the set is balanced for continuous, but that's rare. I play all levels FDA-style unless I know going in that the map is huge and/or appreciably above my skill level. Playing like that all the time can lead to frustration but I enjoy the puzzle element it adds to the game play. I'm currently taking an extended break from DooM so I can play some other stuff in my library but normally I'm rotating an easier/classic style WAD (Moonblood, Double Impact, Doomkid stuff) and a challenge (to me) WAD (most recently Entropy, with Haste and Swift Death in the queue).
  12. Zirtonic

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    I'm through MAP08 now and I echo Cannonball's complaints about ammo/HP (especially HP). The worst offender is easily MAP08's red key fight. It's something like 4 cyberdemons and maybe 10 barons and there are five megaspheres and at least 600 cells. You're most likely walking in fully stacked too which makes it even more ridiculous. I'm no map designer but 2 megaspheres on opposite sides of the arena there should be plenty even if you get particularly unlucky with infighting or pathing. My other major complaint is that a lot of the set piece fights and traps feel unfinished. You'll grab an important item or hit a switch and be met with 5 enemies when the arena seems intended to hold double or even triple that. There's a blue switch in a cave (can't recall the map) that's clearly signaling a big ambush and I was met with...3 spiders and maybe 5 hell knights? With 20+ rockets (I've been flush with rockets in every level) and tons of room to move that's more akin to a shooting gallery which is not what the level geometry was hinting at. I'll reiterate that I am enjoying myself but this first set of levels has none of the indiscriminate sadism the series is known for.
  13. Zirtonic

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    I've played through the first 3 maps so far and I'm having fun. I haven't played either of the original HRs so I'm totally unaware of any references I might be missing but the combat is solid and the texturing is utilitarian while remaining nice enough to look at. Fun MIDI choices as well. At the rate I'm going I'm going to end up playing HR3 and Jaws in Space's Hell Revealed Returns before I play either of the first 2...
  14. Zirtonic

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    It's a damn shame that Jason O'Connell left id because the Mars Core ML is the most well paced ML by a long shot. The fights perfectly compliment the level design in a way that I don't think has been achieved before this. Maybe SGN but there's some pretty dumb encounters sprinkled in that one. Mars Core is also the most pure fun I've had playing an ML since Cultist Base. I love this game's combat but MLs like Taras Nabad and World Spear have multiple encounters that go well beyond the point of ridiculous both in terms of difficulty and duration. Mars Core has a fight like that, but it's placed at the very end of the map like it should be. Purple goo and fog were also used sparingly which is where they shine and avoid feeling like bs mechanics (mostly). World Spear ML is more of Brandon Souders doing his best Killing Floor impression. Just wave after wave after wave after wave of heavy and super heavy demons designed to wear you out by the end of the first arena. The problem is that the first arena is the first arena and there's still an entire level of endlessly escalating encounters that he's expecting the player to enjoy grinding through. There clearly are players who like that but I am definitely not one of them. I actually groaned and left my PC for 20 minutes when I realized the end of the level It felt like getting slapped in the face after already getting beaten down for the last 90 minutes. TL;DR: Bring back Jason O'Connell.
  15. Zirtonic

    What are you playing now?

    Currently on MAP09 (I think) of my first play through Rush. I didn't care much for MAP06 but otherwise I've been having a blast and learning a lot. MAP04 and MAP08 are the highlights so far with MAP04 getting bonus points because I'm a sucker for optional fights. Keeping with the slaughter theme I also beat MAP01 of Jaws In Space's Hell Revealed Returns but the other 3 seem a bit above my pay grade at the moment. Still, it's on the backburner. I recently blasted through Rowdy Rudy 1 and Ray Mohawk 1 too. I found Rowdy Rudy oddly frustrating (h*ck you MAP07) considering its difficulty but Ray Mohawk was a fun romp and I'm looking forward to the second installment. I'll probably tackle Micro Slaughter Community Project next and then an easier "break" WAD after that (Moonblood maybe?). If I'm feeling comfortable with my skill level I might take the plunge into Abandon or possibly set up camp in Nirvana's Entropy, we'll see.