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  1. Lol that tends to happen when you work on a 2 year project where you started out as a beginner mapper I guess. When Map 01 was first made I had only created 10 maps beforehand (5 of those are 100 line maps so they barely count.) My style also changed a lot over time based on what game I was playing during the making of whatever map. Working on 100 and 200 Line Massacre also made my gameplay style change a lot, shifting towards the huge open areas you see a lot at the end, since the limited lines forced me to shift over to big chaotic fights instead of smaller enclosed areas. Both of those projects also served as great breaks to prevent fatigue from working on Corruption. Also thanks again for pointing out errors! Got everything fixed so far (and hopefully nothing else broke in the process lol)
  2. So from Map 20 you can choose to do either Map 21 or 22 first. Whichever map goes 2nd will be harder than if it goes first. 21's harder version is much more difficult than 22's harder version. Both will be completed before entering Map 23 however.
  3. Hmm I looked into it and apparently the Map 31 secret exit door actually stopped functioning properly for some reason, I was able to fix it though. It's supposed to be locked until you kill every type of monster of the gold statues (The Baron one is red Barons only). Would it also be possible to get screenshots of any other broken closets you come across? Most of them are probably due to how spawnmulti currently works, but hoping to fix that. Really appreciate you playing and reporting these issues! :)
  4. Never really used the status updates before on DW so I figured I'd give it a try for new things I'm working on :)

    Continuing work on a project I started a few months ago but haven't done much with since, the goal is to have around 15 or so maps, currently 5 have been completed.



    Also been struggling to make the colormap not look like garbage with blue and purple, I rearranged the palette quite a bit and those colors look a little cursed right now, especially the blue.




    Also still gotta work on the dehacked a bit, already have a majority of it done, just gotta add a few enemies and add the item that will be how you get "100%" in this, as I have removed all kill counts and item/secret counts, including from the intermission screens. 

  5. We have infinite height and a bunch of other compat flags set in the Zmapinfo, so regardless of any settings changed it'll stay. A lot of Zdoom gameplay stuff like crouch and jump are also disabled, but freelook is still there.
  6. @Firedust I have added all the changed/New enemies to a new section in the OP, I hope those answer your questions :) If you want more in-depth and exact numbers I can provide those if requested as well.
  7. On Every port except GZDoom, that difficulty is intentionally invisible, and it's just I'm to Young to Die. On GZDoom it is not selectable at all due to the fact it would make the difficulty menu extend off the background with the inclusion of Xtreme. I would not recommend using any sprite or blood fixes, we already have our own stuff implemented in that regard (SSG flash frame, some Revenant and Arachnotron stuff etc.) and every monster already has their own unique blood color. Because nearly every sprite is replaced, it would probably cause a lot of conflicts and make things look strange.
  8. I'd actually recommend playing on "Normal" and use the solo-net parameter so that the spawns happens correctly. GZDoom's "Spawnmulti" flag in ZMapinfo doesn't read the Boom multiplayer flags and will spawn enemies that shouldn't be there. I've tried looking for ways to get around that with ACS and other things but I am not familiar enough with ZDoom stuff to know how to do that. If I can't find a solution so that the difficulty directly works I'll probably remove it before idgames, which we are also currently in no rush to do, but I'd currently consider every map final unless something broken is found. Secret exits go 15 => 33 => 31 => 32, then 28 => 34 => 35. (Exit to 31 from 33 is guaranteed) "Corrupted" is Nightmare, you would have to press Y to start the game with it (Same for Xtreme currently), "Normal" is the actual Ultra Violence equivalent.
  9. Thanks so much for the bug report! I just uploaded the fix, when I added the decorate code for the weapons last night I had no idea you have to redefine the weapon slot number even if you inherit from the vanilla weapon (Which I think is really stupid tbh lol), so I added the relevant code and it's fixed now! Really glad you're enjoying the wad! Unrelated, but love Auron, 4th favorite FF character lol
  10. Well, it's been quite a while, but RC2 is finally here! There's a ton of cool changes that have been added, including (A) Map 34! Now I say "a" Map 34, because as you will notice from the screenshots, it is quite different from the original teaser screenshots earlier in the thread. That collab map with Arsinikk and I is still coming, but it will be used for something else, so still look forward to that! Contains spoilers for some maps and secrets Now, to the new stuff! Obviously, Map 34 is here! Accessed from the secret exit in Map 28, it's a quite large but highly action packed map in the style of Odyssey of Noises! Along with that, we have quite a few positive improvements for other maps, along with some cool new graphics and dehacked changes! For example, the ending of Map 17 has received a big visual upgrade, and now also has a music change to boot! Map 27 has been nerfed a little, with ghost venemous cacos being entirely removed from the first section, and ghost arch viles having their health cut to only 100. Many other maps have minor balance or visual changes, but nothing too major. As for graphics changes, @Arsinikk has made an amazing new M_Doom menu! This replaces the basic one that I had put together with the metal textures, and is much cooler! Arch Viles also now resurrect enemies with a purple glow instead of the traditional red as well. A fix has been made to the invulnerability palette in the colormap so that the dark purple colors change correctly. A lot of GLDEFS and ZDoom/GZDoom related fixes have finally been implemented as well! Speaking of ZDoom, there's now a fully standalone version of Corruption for ZDoom 2.8.1 and Zandronum! This allows people on those ports to play this finally, and also allows multiplayer at last! (Odamex is still pretty far from functional for this unfortunately) This version is only to be used for those ports, as it will break on everything else (Besides GZDoom technically, but it is recommended to use the standard version for GZDoom) Eternity has also had the Cast call at the end of the game expanded to feature Map 33's boss like in ZDoom. Also now included in the download and wads are text files of the developer commentary! It's a lot of pretty short write ups about the history of development for maps and other random trivia about the game. Make sure to download from the OP and try out the new map! Thanks to everyone so much for playing! Screenshots:
  11. NinjaDelphox

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Corruption Map 34, should be releasing either today or tomorrow :)
  12. And it is done! Voyage_Of_Sound.zip Screenshots:
  13. Hey there, apologies for the delay on Odyssey of Noises, I didn't get as much time as I had hoped for yesterday, and I've done as much as I can today, it's very nearly done, just one small building left on the blue key path, and the big central building. After that I just gotta put in lower difficulties and multiplayer stuff and it's ready to go! Definitely done tomorrow, sorry again for being late.
  14. Should be finishing up Odyssey of Noises later today :)
  15. Yet another update without Map 34 (Getting old I'm sure, it'll arrive sometime this year lol), this time it's a couple graphics and map fixes, along with a new boss in Map 33! This boss is basically a proto-type for the 'Dark Souls' style bosses that will be in Corruption 2 when that comes out in like 10 years, also makes Map 33 make a little more sense in the story. Another important fix was also added to 33, allowing it to be beaten on nomo like every other map, this was missing in all previous versions and has finally been fixed. Download from the OP and have fun!