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  1. Heres your feedback. Needs a lot of work. Thats not a bad thing because nobody is Leo Da Vinci right out of the gate. One of the best learning tools is to look at the IWAD maps inside of whatever map editor you are using. Learn straight from the original designers or your favorite wads as well.
  2. kalensar

    ZDL and several MODS

    WAD format is the original doom file type. They can be mods, but most often they are map files specifically. Just depends on what the author built it as. Read the file name or minimum documentation as needed. PK3 is a format file type recognized by ZDoom/Zandronum,Lzdoom, and GZDoom. They are most often mods that can be anything from simple game clear up to full TCs. GZD, ZANDRO, LZD, and ZDoom can read ZIP files exactly like Pk3 but only if the ZIP is formatted like the PK3 file format. They can also read WAD files in the ZIP directly, but not PK3 inside of a ZIP. These can also read PK7 or 7ZIP files as well, but they are not near as common as zip or pk3 types., PKE is a pk3 style that is meant only for Eternity Engine. PrBoom, Odamex, and Crispy rely on WAD files and cannot read zip files or Pk3 files I have all of my Source Ports routed through ZDL: GZD, LZD, Zandro, Odamex, Crispy, PrBoom+, Chocolate.
  3. Well this just made my day. Gonna have a blast on this for sure.;
  4. kalensar

    Tips for making good, balanced mega wads?

    A simple story line progression that can be shown as you progress does wonders in my opinion. Makes a megawad so much more enjoyable as a silent story. You don't need fancy text blocks or anything to do it. Linearity can be a strong ally for holding people's attention. This tactic goes clear back into the 90s with Team TNT with Icarus Alien Vanguard. Other titles like Hell 2 Pay, Mars War, and many more. It is cliche but it works! Plan weapon progression accordingly. Doom 2 is an excellent reference model for this imo. Same can go for monster introduction as well.
  5. kalensar

    What's your favorite doom mod?

    None of these are by order of preference. Please note more than a few of these are my own projects because I originally compliled or made them for myself in many cases. Favorite TCs: CastleVania Simon's Destiny Legend of Doom Castlevania 3 for Simons Destiny GoldenEye Doom Fave Gameplay mods I play the most: Hellrider D4V Re-Z-Doom 4ex Halo Doom Evolved Metroid Dreadnought Brutal FreeDoom Exkalibered YWBIND Code Zleek Doom Code FX Universal Map Enhancements Relighting 4 Perfect Dark Brutal Doom DOZVX Fave Map wads: ( Source ports played on) EDay Vanilla-- ZDoom-Zandro-GZD-LZD Good Morning Phobos-- PrBoom--Limit Removing- Crispy Ashes Afterglow Vaccinated-- GZDoom Hellbound-- Limit Removing-- PrBoom-Crispy Ascent of Titan-- GZDoom UAC Vinur Prime Research Base redux-- Zandro-- LZD-- GZD Doom Tribute Project sterilized-- GZDoom Mars War-- Chocolate--Dos--PrBoom
  6. kalensar

    Why isn't there a TC OG X-COM Doom Mod?

    Best I can do is Doomkid's Highway Acceleroid Booster which is a Mega Man homage. 😆 Metroid Dreadnought also exists. Descent Doom also exists. I swear I seen a mech project at one point but I can't remember it's name.
  7. kalensar

    Are there any more Modern/Tactical Weapon Packs for doom?

    I'll list what I know for maps and mods. Mods: Hellrider Call of Duty Black Ops weapons Lambda Strike Metal Ops Counter Strike Martian Offensive Maps: EDay Vanilla Hellbound City of Doom DBP 58 I think is the one I'm pretty sure there's a lot more maps but I'm just not able to bring them to mind.
  8. Zoom and GZDoom can do room over room, but yes it does require extra steps rather than just building it in a map editor like Quake can. And to make it worse, it does strain the engine more than necessary if you were go with more than just a 2 story house. Proper 3D room-over-room in Zdoom/GZD is doable but it's not easy. There's more than a few examples out there that does do it properly, but the best example I can offer is Map16 Suburbs in EDay Vanilla or EDay Beta version. This map has multiple 2 Story houses. I think Hell on Earth Starter Pack map16 also does it too, but haven't played that in awhile. HoE Starter Pack is the older version of Extermination Day compared to EDay Vanilla or EDay Beta. For 3 Story or higher proper room-over-room, I can't name a single one unfortunately.
  9. kalensar

    Getting Back To Doom-Ing (Or Recommend Some WADs)

    If you like good slaughter then you'll enjoy Sunlust on the lower difficulties. Its very well balanced despite it's reputation. Back before I "got gud" at slaughter I rated Sunlust a 3/10. I changed my ratiing to far higher since then because I just learned the flow better. As for Hellbound. I think the first 20 maps are Chef Kiss good for playing on HMP. After that it gets pretty slaughter style, but still fun. Its also balanced very well too. You dont need to play everything on UV in order to consider a wad good. The high rated wads are all usually very well difficulty balanced so that casual or less good players can enjoy them as well.
  10. Glad to see you back and with another cool mapset! Looks enjoyable.
  11. This one is based on it.
  12. kalensar

    DBP61: Tempest Enterprise

    Is this DBP's answer to Sunlust? It starts with quite the bang!
  13. Looks good 😊👍 I'll give it a try soon.
  14. kalensar

    Punching imps

    Hell In Space is a 32 maps megawad with no secret levels that I recall. So map 32 is the last one. I never looked at its guts to know how the forced pistol start works. I think you can do it with UMAPINFO though.
  15. kalensar

    Punching imps

    Map 32 of Hell In Space. Wad is based around boxing barons. Has a hectic beginning and is also a forced pistol start. Very fun map once you get past dying to the first 2 rooms multiple times. As for boxing imps to save ammo? F### that. They get the SSG every time I have it. 🤣 Shotgunners and imps by far have the highest kill rate on me over my Doom career.