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  1. kirbyguy11

    Starting a ZDaemon server...

    Notice: The sever will be up from 5-6PM CST to 8-9PM CST every day.
  2. Just testing, carry on.Screenshot_Doom_20210407_223147.png.cc3e697c4f0076baf5ced8287a3913eb.png

  3. kirbyguy11

    my new mod: doo0om.pk3

    Sorry it's a troll mod, I'm just... new to making maps. Does anyone even recommend the Eureka Doom editor?
  4. kirbyguy11

    my new mod: doo0om.pk3

    BTW, this is my first mod
  5. kirbyguy11

    my new mod: doo0om.pk3

    I just added them