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  1. LarryJoeBird33

    HELLNEST.WAD - 2 maps for Doom/Ultimate Doom

    good maps
  2. LarryJoeBird33

    Temple Portal (Working Map Title)

    Please DM me here or on Twitch with any questions. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more updates to this map and for the currently untitled episode set to release by 2022. Thanks, Larry
  3. LarryJoeBird33

    Temple Portal (Working Map Title)

    Hey, I'm LarryJoeBird33. Some may have seen me in some of the Doom II: Hell on Earth stream chats on Twitch. I am new to mapping however have been playing Doom since I was a kid. Grateful that a place like doomworld exists to share ideas and content. It took me a while to get more comfortable with UDB, regardless this is the result. My first mapping goal is to add 8 more Maps and release this as a complete episode. Hope you enjoy any feedback would be great there are sure to be functional and visual improvements necessary. .Wad Notes **************** Name: Temple Portal Source Port: GZ Doom IWAD: Doom II - Use of +mlook is encouraged - Replaces Entryway Map from Doom II: Hell on Earth - Have not tested on anything other than GZDoom. - There are lots of monsters but also lots of resources - A decent amount of close combat Update: 04.10.2021 @ 7:05 PM - Two Map Areas relocated - Minor Monster Additions/Relocations - Minor Resource Additions/Relocations - Two Map Areas Visually Enhanced Update: 04.12.2021 @ 7:00 PM - Two more Map Areas relocated - Two Map Areas structurally enhanced - Minor Monster Additions/Relocations - Minor Resource Additions/Relocations Theme: You manage to escape from a small detainment area where the demons have been keeping you. The last thing you remember is standing in the UAC Lab on Earth talking to Dr. Laren. As you frantically look for an exit you discover that your only way home is through a teleporter operated by ancient and mysterious technology UAC has rumored to be experimenting with. As you wipe the sweat from your forehead you straighten your posture and angerly grip your pistol. The only way home is to grind through one of hell's evil lairs. TemplePortalVersion1.3.7z