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  1. UAC_DEAD.wad called, wants their candles back :P
  2. I've beaten every episode at least once in the last 20 years. Come fite me, bro.
  3. Sometimes shit happens. It's not just doom mods that are abandoned.
  4. I was more put off by the second map Asphodeus. So very little health and ammo when you need it in the map, and that end fight. I spent most of the entire map with 3 health and no way to fix it. Do you know how difficult it is to try and siphon health off certain enemies with the serpent staff? And that end fight? I was killed by the earthquake as it flung me into a wall. This was a long, arduous slog on medium difficulty through beautiful architecture. The maps are absolutely massive by hexen standards and I was constantly lost. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where the hell the swamp key was (spoilers: its in a corner behind some shrubbery.) I would have gotten a chuckle from the secret area if it had given me more than just a switch that does nothing but quote monty python. I had to stop by Tartarus because by this point I was no longer having fun. Edit: Just to add something else: I totally understand why you put so much emphasis on artifact usage--but therein lies the problem. By themselves they are a pain to use. Hexen doesn't give you a lot of offensive options outside of the flechette, and a disc of repulsion doesn't swat projectiles away very effectively. You're better off just dodging than blasting a shot away. Dark servants can be used as decoys but they're less powerful against large groups (or the burrowing serpents). Yes, I'm aware that blasting flechette clouds can rapidly kill enemies, but should you require players to rely on an exploit that not all ports may adhere to?
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/onndzhpufnfd4px/marfio.wad?dl=1 Posting the latest version of my map, plus a half finished version of a second map. Dunno if I'll finish it.
  6. He's been here longer than you've been alive. Outstanding that you think you have any say in anything here.
  7. Does your mom know your talking to strangers on the internet?
  8. It looks quite impressively good, though its even more of a puzzlehunt than hexen ever was. Also the first level was extremely difficult with the cleric, only artifacts, and no weapons. I spent 10 minutes dodging slaughtaurs and a fleet of afrits.
  9. Well of course, the geometry is quite complex. However if you're just making a mod in roughly the same style you don't have to copy things over 100%. Some sacrifice can be made to complexity for playability.
  10. Its time to stop. Where are your parents?
  11. @Dragonfly What is that for? It looks amazing.
  12. Progress Continues.