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  1. I sometimes miss his abuse. Sometimes.
  2. Why aren't you making a mapset yet?
  3. Probably just an initial misunderstanding.
  4. I'd like to sign up for an E2 map. I haven't made a non hocusdoom map in a while.
  5. I forgot. A fleet of cacos.
  6. A clusterfuck of archviles A fuck of revenants Several mancubodes More cyberdemons than necessary
  7. Drug Shuttle is a great mapper. I hope they get an honorable mention in this year's Cacowards.
  8. Its probably just early in development, but there's really not much to them. Either in animation or variety.
  9. While I admit this does look cool, and I'll probably play it when it comes out, don't those weapons look rather cheap?
  10. Funny thing is that willost likely be scrapped. It was just a temp map for adding new textures and actors for that set. Then again I might keep it as I saw it in a dream.
  11. I have been busy. Yes, The_ExCess, its me.
  12. Don't forget to add me to the Artists lists. Many of the textures and sprites came from me.
  13. I actually didn't know this. Its not something often noticed.
  14. I don't have a disliked album for this year, only one I've really liked though: