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    I liked the King of Hyrule better as a boat

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  1. rf`

    An Avatar Conundrum

    I would be trapped in a permanent state of adorable undeath, while I'm constantly killed by that little spiky bastard at the bottom of the Egg Chamber Zone.
  2. rf`

    Conditional WEAPON.NOALERT

    Use Weapon.NOALERT for the weapon, and for the alternate fire have a frame call A_AlertMonsters.
  3. I think I lurked for maybe a month, then joined in 2001 and boy what a mess I've made.
  4. rf`

    Monkey's paw thread

    Your mortgage is fully paid, but the IRS is skeptical about where the money came from and audits you. ----------- I wish I was happy.
  5. So a few years ago I started working on revamping Laz Rojas' Operation: Arctic Wolf. I got as far as re-doing half the enemies and all the weapons, and got snagged on the whole point of combining both parts 1 and 2 into a single file, given how much of a hassle it'd be. So I basically put it on a shelf for like 5 years before deciding to pick it up again. Took me almost a solid week of peering at the dehacked patches trying to figure out what was different between parts, and coming to the conclusion that Laz was either a genius, a wizard, or insane. Mostly insane, because things were replaced in one version, and the same object takes up a different space. Took me about another two weeks to convert the maps to UDMF, get them working again (the converter I found was not terribly smart about linedef actions at all), and completely re-doing every single level. Everything is basically complete, though I did not do any graphical updates for map31 outside of making the underwater section a working portal. So here you go: Operation: Arctic Wolf Redux Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6g5dvhr7q5pqc5v/arctzdm.pk3?dl=1 Major changes: All weapons completely redone, all enemies mostly the same, soldiers can throw grenades at you too, bosses are more challenging, Many levels had to be re-done for gameplay issues (especially The Tunnel), full use of GZDoom effects like portals, underwater sections, slopes, and UDMF features. Replaced the mortar with a sniper rifle, alt-fire throws grenades. Screenshots: Credits: Laz Rojas - Wolfendoom, Arctic Wolf base mod id Software - Doom & Wolfenstein 3D 3d Realms - Duke Nukem 3D Apogee - Rise of the Triad CeeJay - some stuff from their WolfenDOOM Update
  6. Current playable version for 10-15-2019 https://www.dropbox.com/s/befkrs6uqtfp736/hocusdoom-10-15-19.pk3?dl=1 Ogg versions of music https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4wlfocvkewtmrj/hocusogg.pk3?dl=1 changelog for - 10-15-2019 completely redone torches again. use so much fewer actors now. all bosses have rebalanced resistance to the power wand. they take half damage now. Trolodon's health changed from 3000 to 2000 Wraith's projectile speed cut in half. power wand shots are now homing. fixed typo in one of the Wizard's chat strings.
  7. Can someone adjust the thermostat? its getting rather warm in here.
  8. Hey! Cookies aren't going to click themselves, you know.
  9. Man, Bojack Horseman's looking good.
  10. rf`

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Ok now you have my undivided attention.
  11. Clowns in general just make me uncomfortable.
  12. rf`

    Doom: Annihilation update

    BFG9000! [softly] let it pop!
  13. Current playable version for 08-13-2019 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mz816ypixvp93t8/hocusdoom 08-13-2019.pk3?dl=1 Ogg versions of music (updated) https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4wlfocvkewtmrj/hocusogg.pk3?dl=1 changelog for - 08-13-2019 power wand now has alt mode. press [reload] to switch (much like the secret weapons) changed language entries for throw bombs and weapon mode switch in controls. new enemy - tree spirit cosmetic updates to maps 25 and 26 changes to HARD difficulty. lowered health to the same as normal, but dialed up aggressiveness. more various bugfixes in maps disabling the lasers in map20 plays a sound now fixed sequence string in map13 not showing up properly allow the ability to restart a map upon completion, in case you want to try again for a better score. fixed sound issue with that one lift in map17 moved a flower enemy out of a tree in map18 fixed a clipping issue with the tower in map22 adjusted the brightmap for the egyptian tesla model changed thing portals in map29 to line portals to speed them up a bit moved starfield effect to a camera texture (automap no londer overlays them in intermissions) abyssal hydra are more dangerous now power wand shots use fewer particles (three rays instead of 4 for each shot) player no longer takes double damage in hard difficulty. instead the time a player is unable to be hurt after taking damage will be longer or shorter depending on skill. decoupled player pain flash from rapid fire flash scripts. completely new particles for torches. hopefully less intensive.
  14. rf`

    Where Was Your Last Vacation At?

    What's a vacation?