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  1. rf`

    Mappers, what was your biggest project?

    Technically still working on E5/6 but version 1.0 is out
  2. Has anyone told you that you look like Terry Pratchett?
  3. rf`

    Opinions On Mario Movie Cast?

    Oh no, not again.
  4. rf`

    Earworm Thread - What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?

    Pretty much all of Calamity OST has been living rent free in my head the last few months--especially the tracks related to Providence and Devourer of Gods. They're just really catchy.
  5. Man, Hard Hat Harry got old.
  6. God I wish I could remember who the first person to use that avatar was.
  7. Hell hath no fury like a penguin loaded like Rambo. The only one who seems to care is you :V
  8. The reason we haven't had a new Yoshi game lately is because he's on the run for tax fraud.
  9. rf`

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Duke would say you've got balls of steel.
  10. I'm pressing X and nothing's happening!
  11. I'm radioactive now! That can't be good!
  12. Better to lurk and seem a fool than to post and remove all doubt. (aaaaaa I got sniped!)
  13. Oh look, my favorite error from my vanilla mapping days. That and tutti-fruitti.