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Everything posted by rf`

  1. rf`

    AK-47 no hope to find it

    what I am trying to find is a HL version of the AK-47. but thanx for the help tho
  2. rf`

    scripting impassable line defs in zdoom

    what about those that block the player but not monsters?
  3. rf`

    Q2 theme mods

    Darkening E2, - played it Perforated Entrails (DM) -cant get it (bad links) QuakeDoom2 (got monsters from mainly quake 2, and weapons from quake2 etc.) - never hear of Ni'mrod (was inspired by quake2, but I'm not sure how much it shows) - played it FFi aka FragFest initialized (DM) - played it Gems3 (using DE2 resources) -never heard of it. Dark 7 and mission pack - played it.
  4. rf`

    your music in a musicless Doom

    just rememberd the name of the other cd- The Songs of Distant Earth
  5. rf`

    wad disks!

    yes, but is he selling them? besides, you can find all of these wads on these cds on the net!
  6. rf`

    Sound Problem Fixed

    I wish my sound would work properly..
  7. rf`

    Q2 theme mods

    yes it's very Quake 1ish. Fatal's Doom Ressurection levels did seem a bit Q2ish, but I hunger for MORE HA HA HA!! Sorry.
  8. rf`

    Vengeance - Episode 1 Secret Level

    I bet thats what happens to the Banned...
  9. rf`

    So we lost...

    The world is falling, and we're all caught on a wire, sinking unto the bottomness of the abyss. Fellow humans- Welcome to Hell. (soon, so very soon) :(
  10. rf`

    i cant wait!!! I want this game some bad!!im insane

    Sup. I'm the Cynical Smartass here (or try to be neways) I am not in control anymore. I never was. What is control? What is a rant? I like to rant. (Please feel free to ignore me now.) Ranting is fun. What else if fun? Pizza is fun. So is Demon soccer. Kick demons heads into their goal. Pull out your trusty shotgun when they score. BLAM BLAM BLAM. I am dumb.(in a good sense) Welcome to DW. Have a nice day...
  11. Seriously, what ever happened to it? ND still has theirs, but DW doesn't.
  12. rf`

    Das Ist Millennium

    Well waddya know, an improvement. (This means it will actually be released!)
  13. rf`

    Questions aren't being answered

    Good. Justice isn't as blind as I thought it was. I still say its nearsighted tho.
  14. ditto, the linnnnnkkkkkksssssss man, the linnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkksssssss. there the ooooonnnneeeesssss man. does it really matter bout the stars? their just Ling's Picks not ours.
  15. rf`

    Questions aren't being answered

    Joe Todd: Lately you have been demanding things, and being rude and inconsiderate to others. You wondor why noone wants to talk to you. Take a look in the mirror, and ask yourself "Why?" Besides I don't talk to Stupidjerkfaceretardobutts anyways. Edit: Gawd I'm a slow typer!
  16. rf`

    Vengeance - Episode 3 Secret Level

    Umm, no it's not. It's for DOOM 2. It's fun. I like it. It's fun. So is ranting. I like ranting. I also like pizza. Do you like pizza? I like pizza. I want pizza. Do you have my pizza? GIMME MY PIZZA!! Sorry. Couldn't resist showing off stupidity/insanity. I'm [litteraly] sick. Leave me alone!
  17. Games Demons Play There is no winning, just the loss, HE cannot help me, down in Hell, And not a vision of the cross, So no salvation from my cell- My soul was gone and left astray. A light breaks through, from the dark, The face I feared I'd have to see, He tells me "go and make your mark, You do this task, I'll set you free"- Do I join the Games Demons Play?" The game is over, I had to succeed, By self and wit, and proved this day, But with new sins I'll never be freed. And from the dark all he had to say- "You never win in the Games Demons Play."
  18. rf`

    misc- random doomish poem-GDP

    That's actually the intro story for my new TC- Games Demons Play- assuming I can get past working on Level 1 (Note: Lepers cannot climb the Ladder of Accomplishment; the ladder part anyways)
  19. rf`

    Dehacked Stuff

    I'd hate to be on the other end of THAT barrel! ;)
  20. rf`


    how many times are you going to do this?
  21. rf`

    Vengeance - Episode 3 Secret Level

    vengance? what vengance? never heard of it (at least from what i can think of)
  22. rf`

    Which Source-Port is best?

    ditto. (nothing else needs be said, cuz he already did)
  23. rf`

    AK-47 no hope to find it

    just so u know i can get a m-16 pic anywhere whether hi quality or lo.
  24. rf`

    my new wad-brutally honest

    Update: geocities.com/dragon_69283/imswaste.zip made some changes to detail, but did nothing with enemies yet