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Everything posted by rf`

  1. rf`

    Any word on a movie???

    ...wait, what? --- 75% of the time, I am just stupid; the other 25% of the time, I am just lost.
  2. rf`

    Did I go colour blind....

    if that's true then why is *Everything* grey, hmmm? also, its not polite to yell like that
  3. rf`

    Project announcement

    i could never figure out what "Dis" meant (e3m8)
  4. rf`

    AK-47 no hope to find it

    ...Are you trying to be funny? Not a very laughable joke there.
  5. rf`

    Did I go colour blind....

    I guess this is DW's way of remembering those people on 9-11, good gesture.
  6. rf`

    Im trying to script

    si, no prob epyo glad to help
  7. rf`

    Zdoom vs. Jdoom

    and just HOW is it dumb?
  8. ... uuh, you havent been eating those blue mushrooms again eh Spike?
  9. rf`

    Looking For Wads

    i finally found heroes2 on my HDD, cant find the txt file or the original ZIP, srry dont have any of the wadpaks
  10. brings back the good ol' days, eh?
  11. rf`

    your music in a musicless Doom

    VPS's only showed up in the original doom2.exe- not in most source ports today what first got me on NIN was Quake (don't worry, i dont do much with it anymore- didnt know how) --- Number 403928139202390202893 out of Doom fene in the world.
  12. rf`

    Translucent flats in Boom!

    geocities is just plain out pitiful- just look at my site (till i fix um some new stuff tho)
  13. rf`

    Im trying to script

    how are you writing include zcommon.acs? you are putting the # in front right? #include "zcommon.acs"
  14. rf`

    More Underworld screenshots

    You wouldn't happen to remember the name of this tex pack? If so, where did you get it? I guess i can stop being so bias against Jdoom so i can play this thing when it's done
  15. rf`

    Looking For Wads

    nop just check when i woke up (b'fore school) those 3 arent there, that and all the links point to the now defunct ftp.cdrom.com. Pity, i so miss heroes 2
  16. rf`

    Scariest Doom monster?

    I was never really scared of any of the doom baddies- I just got that great feeling from playing.
  17. rf`

    Looking For Wads

    if only i had something other than yahoo, id ask for both heroes 1 &2 (IMO they were the best, and hardest megawads I've ever played)
  18. rf`

    Looking For Wads

    wait- are we talkin about Heroes Doom, and Heroes Doom 2? Spose i should check my other comp for 2
  19. rf`

    I... need... inspiration...

    I basically just see it in my head, then I put it in right then and there. [edit] unfortunately lately my brain is fried cuz of school.
  20. rf`

    your music in a musicless Doom

    Oh so NOW i find out how to do that, too bad mus sounds so crappy converted to mids [edit] sokay im listening to mike oldfield in cd
  21. rf`

    Favorite Doom Megawads

    Oh that's easy to do. Just let me do all the maps. (gotta work on my sarcasam, it doesnt show well)
  22. rf`

    your music in a musicless Doom

    Deja vu is a common part of my life man. Then again, nothing in my life ever changes- except for the date.
  23. rf`

    what happend to the DW POTD?

    Aah, K ill check it out. [edit] Eh, I've seen that one before.
  24. rf`

    what happend to the DW POTD?

    damn, wish i could find those old pics- ideas for my proj- GDP