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Everything posted by rf`

  1. rf`

    what happend to the DW POTD?

    you think the old POTD would still be in the old news archives?
  2. rf`

    what happend to the DW POTD?

    Yes I know that, but what about before-Newdoom still has it, DW used to have it. What happened?
  3. rf`

    Favorite Doom Megawads

    Damn, can't get any truer than that
  4. rf`

    Project announcement

    and now for something off topic... do any other source ports except for Zdoom use the sndinfo lump? Cuz it's for my GPD project (that lump there is all i know how to edit for Zdoom)
  5. rf`

    I... need... inspiration...

    Right now I am trying to work on level one of Games Demons Play (GDP), basically it looks like the inside of some giant worm thing, complete with bone arches and "meat" walls. A dark and moody atmosphere, although i cannot get any farther than the blue door. My website will then be updated as my project moves up the proverbial ladder to accomplishment. (The way it looks, it's like asking a Leper victim to climb a mountain.)* *(Oh screwit, ill put up the story for it now)
  6. rf`

    Favorite Doom Megawads

    Sorta figures- Everyone picks on the freak...* *(BTW, that's me)
  7. rf`

    Favorite Doom Megawads

    OMG that has got to be the worst thing i've ever played (depending on which "new doom" i got (1337.wad)) Laughingly called a Megawad as I saw nothing being so "Mega" about it, looks more like someone's very first attempts for a map. But lately, I've been hearing of a different version of 1337.wad- that medieval thing that i cannot get any info about, nor the thing itself- just the rants and raves from my colleagues here at DW. WTF is going on?!? Some great conspiracy?!? Oy...
  8. from what I believe, not all "zombies" are evil. Some are failed attempts to ressurect- say "the only means to rid of some great evil" Although evil in apperance, get to know them and (im ranting again)you'll have a friend for [your]life. Rant. Rant. Rant. I think that covers- RANT! -umm, ...it.
  9. rf`

    How do i do this so i kan use DCK?

    and that's why i stick witn win '98 and dos- dck, and nwtpro are all i know for doom editing.
  10. rf`

    Favorite E1 Level

    how do you choose from great classics? each and every one had its own style, albet all roughly the same idea. well except for E1M1, wasn't too favorable. small- OK weak- eh. design-eerk. CH Retro E1M1 looks IMO way better. no real pick 'xcept for all, you cannot replace that feeling you got when you first played shareware DOOM, impossible to recreate because you only feel that feeling once, then you can only catch glimpses of ith pass you by when the future runs up to your face and whacks you with fish. (im ranting now, feel free to ignore me now)
  11. rf`

    Horrible Service

    this reminds me of a joke about monkeys and duct tape. Damn, my memory fades, along with my sense of reality.
  12. [psycho laugh]hee hee hee, anything but realism; i tend to stray a bit from everyonelse[/psycho laugh]
  13. rf`

    Online funeral

    you don't know if that's all he did. he might of had a real life, and his friends payed a tribute to him. Don't you have any moral decency?!?
  14. rf`

    'Obituary' WAD doesn't work

    ...and if i can FIND it...
  15. rf`

    doomworld is not doomworld anymore

    Ditto for me.
  16. rf`

    Scariest Doom monster?

    Damn, you just described my nightmare last night!
  17. rf`

    Any word on a movie???

    Wait... How do you kill something that's already dead?
  18. rf`

    'Obituary' WAD doesn't work

    obtic is cool, provided that you can get it to WORK.
  19. rf`

    Underwater monsters??

    ... ... Got a hold of them shrooms eh boy?
  20. rf`

    DoomWorld Email

    umm, why not just get e-mail straight from DW?
  21. rf`

    New to Level Editing

    IMO, Dck is the easiest i've seen to use nothin' but point 'n' click and what 5 letters to switch 5 diff modes (or rite clik for menu) God this it just WAY too easy!
  22. rf`

    Timelessness is Finished!

    I just got done playing it, man it reminds me of e1m7, still cool, very cool
  23. I hear a Matrix plug-in coming...
  24. rf`

    i am quite new here

    have fun kiddo
  25. rf`

    Need a lil help here..

    Erik Ruun Kat Havan