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Everything posted by rf`

  1. rf`

    Final Battle in HeXen

    feh, if u got the queitus sword- big k goes down easy
  2. rf`

    Your Signatures

    some people say- "Why the stupid sig?", and I say "Cuz it's the only way others will fully understand me. Now, if you do not understand the fulfillment of my day through eating spam then you are not worth my time. Quote the author i do not recall the name of; 'Buzz off'" I am the living embodiment of stupidity (heh, I've seen dumber, but not drinking a motolov cocktail while fiddling with an electircal socket while making obsene gestures at my neighbor's dog)
  3. rf`

    Favorate Mod

    I beg to differ; Aliens Tc has got to be THE best TC I've played, IMO (but if u dont care, well, just ur loss)
  4. rf`

    Zdoom vs. Jdoom

    JDoom just looks too much like those true 3D FPS anymore, ZDoom still captures that real, genuine DooM experience IMO, nothin' like killing pseudo real sprites with an army toy
  5. rf`

    Favorate Mod

    man, i really oughtta get out more often- wtf u say?
  6. rf`

    Modified Cyberdemons or Spiders...

    there r helicopters in covert ops TC, and Twilight Warrior
  7. rf`

    Favorate Mod

    Dont be lame, Strain's got game! my fav mods gotta be Aliens TC, HacX, Strain, The Darkening 2, and Alien Vendetta, and Osiris
  8. rf`

    Any word on a movie???

    hmmm... i always thought that doomguy's name was Flynn Taggart
  9. rf`

    Mr Goodbye

    dam, lut leaving millenium? whats next? ling leaves dw?
  10. rf`

    Your Signatures

    ...and I say, whats wrong with a stupid sig?... ...and noone replys...
  11. rf`


    never had it, that sanity thing
  12. rf`


    never played snes doom, or the other console dooms, all i had (and still have) are my 2-3 computers, which is good enough for me
  13. rf`

    Emulating DOS editors in Windoze

    we know that, but windows 98 wont run dck, and im tired of goin to dos every time i make a map, just to go to windows to do something else for it
  14. rf`

    If there had been more monsters in Doom...

    sounds more like Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, which i am heavily addicted to (albet not as much as doom tho) and the mods their community makes. it does sound good for doom tho (weird huh?)
  15. rf`

    Will Deep ever be freeware?

    That's a scary thought.
  16. rf`

    Will Deep ever be freeware?

    i heard paypal isnt too hard
  17. rf`

    Lock and Load

    ... soooo why am i thinking about the unmaker?
  18. rf`

    Will Deep ever be freeware?

    The only reason I stay and read on is that one day, someone will provide an answer that does not end up as an insult, assumption, brag, or plain out flamewar. Everyone IS entitled to their own opinion, BUT within respectable terms. My opinion is that unfortuantely, I do not have the money to pay for DeePSea, nor would I want to, since I have the shareware version of DCK 3.62- and it suits me just fine. I am not bitching and moaning that "DeePSea should be free cuz it should" it is simply an individual opinion that is NOT meant to insult you, or anyone else for that matter. Now considering this coming from a 16 year old teenager still growing up, it sounds a bit more mature than what i have heard here (IMO) Thank you for listening to me, and lets hope to act a bit more mature in the future, eh?
  19. rf`

    Map editors needed

    ok, so how do u capt a screen from dck? cant run it in windows...
  20. rf`

    Compiling Scripts in ZDoom\WA

    srry vf, cant help u there, i only know the basics of hexen (excluding polyobjs)
  21. rf`

    Compiling Scripts in ZDoom\WA

    doomboy, i can help you, you dont need a ( infront of printf-thats why it wont read it
  22. rf`

    Hexen level editor

    DCK 3.62 umm, i dont have anything else but dck (lvl editingwise)
  23. see dog drool: yes i am drooling all over my keyboard i like, like i
  24. rf`

    Your DOOM projects

    atm, i cannot say what I am working on definitely, considering im figuring out the priorities between my 20 or so incomplete pc-tc's BUT, ok I can say 3 projects- Stargete: Curse of Anubis ,Project Apocolypse, and Intrigue DM. Empty site, unfinished work; at least i have something (worthless)
  25. rf`

    Zdoom vs. Jdoom

    i've gotta say Zdoom- to me Jdoom just doesnt keep my attention, Legacy comes second to zdoom compared to compatibility, options, *Stability*(a big issue) and everyone's favorite-skins. Jdoom is just fancy eye candy for a high-end computer which most people out there just don't have. (475mhz and 256mb ram just isn't enough) Besides, Jdoom doesn't work in dos which my level editor is (dck2.62) I've grown attachted to zdoom 1.19 for that dos reason (the only real reason i got 1.22 as well is to play dark7) So long and thanks for all the fish.