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Everything posted by rf`

  1. rf`

    Scariest user map/mod/tc

    ' just got done playing Eternal Doom, Very nice
  2. rf`

    The Dreaded First Level...

    no build for me, dck all tha way zdoom is just a glorified version of hexen for doom (without the big, black, 6-legged freak)
  3. rf`


    i've noticed the whole time, but i've been bugged by the world to respond (nice, man)
  4. rf`

    Shameless self promotion

    levels 6 and 9 have very good atmosphere, and I have nothing more to say but the entire thing gets my approval... Sad to say noone knows me
  5. rf`


    I was wondering about that... (NimRod, not that avatar) hope it's as good as the hype
  6. to tell you the truth, I Liked trinity.wad, it had a good atmosphere, "And you can't get me a reservation for a cruise ship going to the Bermuda Tringle WHY?!?" - Scott Wilsem
  7. rf`

    Just curious

    what about Doom HQ, and DoomShack?
  8. rf`

    Independence Doom

    do better and make it for ZDoom... Always keep a secondary Sig...
  9. rf`

    DM maps, what do you guys want?

    one thing, deh-modifications adding flamethrowers to DM, that'd be sweet; ill even make a good one and upload... One voice CAN shut the retards up... (or about 50 voices, but i AM only one furry)
  10. rf`

    what's with zvox.wad?

    yeah, thanks. ill go check tomorrow
  11. rf`

    what's with zvox.wad?

    ok, zdoom searches for 3 base wads upon startup- doom.wad (doom2.wad), zdoom.wad, and zvox.wad. what is that zvox.wad for? It's baffled me since i got zdoom. (dos and win versions i got) me learn need grammar
  12. rf`

    Be prepared

    3 words: Sweet, Sweeter, The most sweetest me learn need grammar, no count good
  13. rf`

    Zeth doesnt like me

    I'm having problems with zeth, it wont do anything but show me the main screen and i cannot edit, all the paths in zeth.ini are correct. Methinks it doesnt like me... Somebody help? Yep my computer is trying for global domination...
  14. rf`

    Zeth doesnt like me

    i got the graphic setup on, and when i go to edit or any other button, i get a black screen and nothing (i can still get out of it tho)
  15. rf`

    Project name

    ok so im veering off but why not call the mancubus "Ecubi"?
  16. rf`

    My PCs

    you never see any werewolves or anything furry around doom? still havent figured it out (id do it but im not good with zdoom or drawing good sprites and crap Well, my brain is fried...
  17. btw av doesnt require a special port (although itd be nice) and its one of the best megawads iv ever played...
  18. rf`

    New Paradox screenshot :)

    just two words: sweet look You get the idea
  19. rf`

    question 'bout dck 3.62

    is it possible to make Zdoom levels with dck 3.62? if so could some of ya' spare some time to tell me? I'm making this TC called "The Bad Road" (yes hopefully it will be Better than the name...) and I wanna make it for Zdoom... thx
  20. rf`

    question 'bout dck 3.62

    ok, forget the bad road... its basically defunct now
  21. rf`

    Ghosts are driving me nuts

    thats because the only monsters on that level are spawned by the icon of sin, they were not placed on the map by 'you' the mapper, but controlled by the game coding; so the original count if there was no spawning would be 0% Somehow i feel like im going to feel really stupid soon...
  22. rf`


    the only way id know is to use the scripting in zdoom, although i really dont know how. dont know much bout it since i use the DOS zdoom (1.17v) (hope they update soon)
  23. rf`

    Help wanted for Doom TC

    god- its been forever since i got Osiris, im gonna have to look around for ya or put it on my site Whenever i update it...
  24. rf`

    Tell me what you think

    *sigh* i think itd be easier on everyone if you just uploaded it to a webpage, like in geocities or whatever you got
  25. rf`


    hey, nebody heard anything form unholy software 'bout NimRod?