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Everything posted by rf`

  1. rf`

    ZDoom Map Editing

    is there one for dck 3.62?
  2. for some odd reason dark 7 doesnt work for me
  3. maybe u should put some links so ppl could play them if they haven't or if theyr new mm & mm2 av are the best ive played lately
  4. rf`

    Question about cutscenes (story line parts)

    i wish i had help but y'know im still in development stages atm Ever play Perdition's Gate?
  5. rf`

    Map Editor?

    from what i've done in the past- Dck all the way! its the easiest editor i've used. and it gets the job done quite well... best get dck 3.62 since its got most of the bugs out of it
  6. rf`

    Weapons Mod

    You'll just have to wait and see when i put it up on my site in about... ...maybe 2 months... ...right now im busy working on a game for RM2K so work on doom is at a slow pace... ...dont give up hope, OR ELSE... www.geocities.com/dragon_69283 Do it, DO IT NOW!!!
  7. rf`

    Super Mario Doom

    i was working on mario RPG for RM2K but that has nothing to do with doom
  8. rf`

    Weapons Mod

    sounds cool, im working on a weapons mod for edge 1.24 heh
  9. I just wanna know, is Skull Tag defunct? because I tried to download it and it doesnt exits! i gotta know!!
  10. rf`

    map e1 (the whole game as one map)

    meh... sounds cool heh... good luck meh... oh just do it already!
  11. rf`


    im going to be working on a new wad, called "Pandemonium-A call to arms" It will have a hellish Motife and also, new stuff. Hint, I am working on an UZI for it. Meh...
  12. rf`

    Super Mario Doom

  13. rf`

    a question...

  14. heh just wanna let u know, im making 3 TC's for Doom & Doom2 OASIS: Episode 1- The Secrets Within OASIS: Episode 2- Azoras Curse A L I N S - EXTREME FORCE I will be putting them up on my new website- www.geocities.com/dragon_69283 Currently it is under MAJOR construction and only has one on my first wads from about 5 years ago. -Gore 2- there isnt a gore 1 (oh well) It has nothing with Al Gore. Umm, off-topic= my Runescape website is there also, but no link yet. www.geocities.com/dragon_69283/runescape.html will take u there. Heh, and they said Nukes couldn't be used close up without gibbing yourself. Damn, they were right and now im dead... COOL!
  15. rf`

    ZDoom hubs / TC's?

    rex- didnt u hear? ftp.cdrom.com doesnt have the doom stuff nemore. 3darchives.in-span.net does do Doom, so does http://ftp.ru.xemacs.org/pub/games/doom/
  16. rf`

    Comments on UACR

    Does www.doomers.org exist nemore?