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  1. rf`

    a question...

  2. heh just wanna let u know, im making 3 TC's for Doom & Doom2 OASIS: Episode 1- The Secrets Within OASIS: Episode 2- Azoras Curse A L I N S - EXTREME FORCE I will be putting them up on my new website- www.geocities.com/dragon_69283 Currently it is under MAJOR construction and only has one on my first wads from about 5 years ago. -Gore 2- there isnt a gore 1 (oh well) It has nothing with Al Gore. Umm, off-topic= my Runescape website is there also, but no link yet. www.geocities.com/dragon_69283/runescape.html will take u there. Heh, and they said Nukes couldn't be used close up without gibbing yourself. Damn, they were right and now im dead... COOL!
  3. rf`

    ZDoom hubs / TC's?

    rex- didnt u hear? ftp.cdrom.com doesnt have the doom stuff nemore. 3darchives.in-span.net does do Doom, so does http://ftp.ru.xemacs.org/pub/games/doom/
  4. rf`

    Comments on UACR

    Does www.doomers.org exist nemore?