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    I liked the King of Hyrule better as a boat

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  1. They all seem the same to me. Here's to 26 years so far!
    I've been here for over 1/3 of my life. Wow.

    1. Planky


      Merry Plankmas!

    2. baronofheck82


      \o/ Happiest of birthdays to you sir

    3. bytor


      rf` said:

      They all seem the same to me.

      Well, after you've celebrated quite a few of them, you begin to realize what it is that you are actually celebrating.

      Aching knees, a digestive system that ain't workin' like it used to, etc...

      I only recognize my birthday anymore because I still love cake-n-icecream like I'm 5 years old. Yeah, nevermind that it sends me to the bathroom in a bad way.

      Happy Birthday, rf`. May you experience many more.