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  1. OMG. Yes, It's true. Patch v1.10 is officially out for Diablo 2. Rejoice my fellow d2ers. OMG.

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    2. Job


      Melfice said:

      Then me and AndrewB are on the same page. I personally think the obsession with Diablo II at this point is ridiculous. What're all of you guys gonna do with your level 80-90 characters once Diablo III comes out? They'll be useless, unless you plan to keep playing DII and not worry about stuff on DIII

      I'm so god damned tired of the bunch of fucktards that waste their life on that game. Thank god all of my friends here where I live finally got over it and moved on with their lives.

      While that is entirely valid, as Diablo II is quite boring whatwith all the hackers and lamers amongst their ranks, I see a great irony in your statement. Virtully, the exact same thing could be said of Doom II. I want to say I'm not defending DII, which is old and tired IMO, but I'm simply playing devil's advocate.

    3. Melfice


      Yes, but there's a difference. For Doom 2 we can constantly map and add modify it, creating our own monsters, weapons, etc. You can't say the exact same for Diablo II. Sure there's mods out there, but how hard is it to actually do something with D2 when compared to Doom?

    4. toxicfluff


      Well whatever. A lot of people would say we are wasting our lives playing any game a lot. I suppose it's better to play decent games a lot rather than shit ones, but I don't draw too many distinctions with timewasting between them. If this is at all garbled, it's 5am ok? I'm surprised I'm at all coherent.