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  1. I've been drawn back to playing it, yes.I just wish i had Hellfire. :P

    I just wanted to know who still played it? Maybe we could co-op some time.

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    2. Melfice


      You are teh suck.

    3. Danarchy


      Okay, I havent run into any of those.

      Though someone did use this one explit on me where they keilled me three times before I could get to my body, and took all my stuff. :/

    4. rf`


      Darkstalker said:

      I bought the whole set of Diablos (1,2 and expansion) and I haven't touched the 1st. I could install it but I won't be able to play for the next 3 weeks since I'm overloaded of term homeworks.

      When you get the chance, look for Hellfur, Stonewyrm, or Fenkendian. Those are my characters.

      And if anyone plays D2lod, look for ravag3 username. That's me as well.