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  1. Jark Chevy had finally reached the end of his journeys. The end was a large concrete building, with no windows, no decorations, no nothing. It was totally dull. The only thing it did have was a small opening that seemed like a doorway. He walked towards it and found that it was a doorway. Inside was a rather cramped room; bareley enough room to breathe. It was also particularly dull. Most of the rooms Jark entered were exactly the same--dull. So dull that it began to weigh heavily on him. It was getting quite difficult to continue on. When he walked inside the only room large enough to fit a person in, he came to the stunning realization that the room was made for more than just one person. It was big enough to fit an entire party, assuming that you would actually want to have a party in this sort of place because it was dark and moody, and there was nowhere that a disc jockey could set up shop. Whoever had built this building (apparently did not like partys or disc jockeys) put all their effort (and no doubt money) into this one single room, and had exhausted their resources so far as to be unable to equal it's stunning detail in any other room. Jark stood there stunned from all of the detail (and the fact that he had room enough to stretch, if he wasn't so stunned), and for a while that was the only thing that stunned him.

    Jark's stunned state didn't last long, and he was finally able to stretch properly, if not a bit uneasily. He was recieving very bad vibes from the room. They were the kind of vibes that said 'you're being watched, and not by anything particularly good' and that just didn't go over well for anybody but the ones watching Jark, whoever they were if they existed. Unfortunately for Jark, 'they' did exist, but really didn't want to show themselves quite at this moment. Instead shrills shrilled and shrieks shrieked, and Jark was stunned yet again, only fear was the culprit this time. If this was somebody's idea of a joke, they should never do stand-up comedy. The haunting noises continued for what seemed like hours and he still couldn't move. Jark wasn't really enjoying this one bit, and really wished he could find who was liteally scaring the pants off of him (which he had gotten from Panturia Slax from a merchant that looked like a pair of trousers with legs) and teach it a lesson.

    Suddenly, two things happened, and one of them confused Jark. The screams of hate and sorrow had ceased. That wasn't the confusing bit. The daffodil that had suddenly sprouted in front of him was. There was simply no explanation for it, other than the fact that many unexplainable things have been happening to him, and it was confusing the hell out of him, and he didn't like it one bit. He looked at the little flower for a while, and when he was sure it wasn't going to bite him he picked it from the ground. Now feeling slightly better about the daffodil being a plain, ordinary flower, he sighed and relaxed. Approximately thirty seconds later, the daffodil bit him in the arm.

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    2. rf`


      kain said:

      does he have a wrx with a fmic?

      kcuf eht tahw

    3. Planky


      I am assuming that he is refering to a car (wrx), but I don't have a clue when it comes to fmic... I can only think of one thing, but I ain't writing that :)

    4. rf`


      Planky said:

      I am assuming that he is refering to a car (wrx),

      Must be in response to Jark Chevy.