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    1. nxn


      Actually not that bad, it would be great if you could make the menu frame skinnier so the content window is larger. Plus it would probably just be more appealing to look at. Also do you really need that top frame with the warning or whatever it is? Could you just put it in some other section of the site because I really don't see the purpouse for it. It takes up a lot of space when it really isn't needed.

      EDIT: Another thing: maximizing the window in a higher res repeats the background in the navigation frame. So you should use a css property to keep it from repeating. Off of the top of my head I think that style="background: no-repeat;" would work for you since you don't need it repeated neither in the x nor y directions. Although it doesn't matter if it repeats along the x since the navigation frame is more than likely a constant size. Your choice, if it doesn't work, my fucked memory just forgot the right property, look it up online somewhere, shouldn't be hard to find.

    2. rf`