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  1. My sister is a fucking asshole. She preaches to me about being responsible, and what does she do? She doesn't tell me when her daughter goes to school, so i don't know when to pick her up from school. I go over there every day after I get out of school, and wait until all the walkers are let out just to find out she didn't go to school. Meanwhile i'm fucking sicker than a breed between madonna and michael jackson, and i'm out in the cold waiting for this bullshit. Now she wants me to call her every morning to find out if i'm picking her up that day. SHE SHOULD BE TAKING THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN CHILD AND CALL ME INSTEAD. And i got paid $20 for picking her daughter up for 3 weeks. She says she owes me more, but when am I gonna see it?

    Also, I'm extremely sick, and it fucking sucks, especially when I can't enjoy playing doom because my ear stabs me.

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    2. Laguna


      Danarchy said:

      Wait...your mom's...ex-boyfriend...is living....with you....along with his wife...and kids?

      Ravage, isn't that a bit uncomfortable for you, and your mother, though?

    3. rf`


      Laguna said:

      Ravage, isn't that a bit uncomfortable for you, and your mother, though?

      Not at all.

    4. Coopersville


      Heh. My brother didn't do anything when I was passed out from heat stroke. Remembering that, I wouldn't do anything when we were home alone and be broke his arm skateboarding. Eventually he called our grandparents to drive him to the hospital, and I kind of got in trouble.