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  1. Although Runescape itself has extremely inproved, the players still have a long way to go.

    //So you know, ass and hole's character may be better than mine, but his ego's bigger than fredrik's. I'm at lvl 25, while he's at lvl 45. Ongoing proof that 95% of all online populations consist of 14 year old boys who think they have the edge on things. They need a spanking with an oak switch.
    I'm using average armor and weapons, stuff that other people at my level would use. He's showing off using no weapon at all.//

    *Ravagefox kills a guard in 25 hits*
    Ass And Hole: u r slow
    Ravagefox: so?
    Ass And Hole: you sux
    Ravagefox: wow, a meaningless insult
    Ravagefox: I'm so hurt
    Ass And Hole: dam right
    Ass And Hole: i am using my worst weapons
    Ass And Hole: i can use my hands and kill faster than u
    Ass And Hole: its sad bur true
    Ravagefox: I'm only lvl 25
    Ass And Hole: anything under lvl 40 is n00b
    Ravagefox: oh i'm sorry
    Ravagefox: i'm such a noob
    Ravagefox: i dont deserve to play
    Ravagefox: thank you oh great one for enlightening me
    Ass And Hole: i am da rules
    Ravagefox: you make it sound like you're god
    Ravagefox: bullshit
    Ass And Hole: watch
    *Ass And Hole kills a guard in 10 hits*
    Ass And Hole: see
    Ass And Hole: no weapon
    Ass And Hole: i kill faster
    Ravagefox: watch me closely and see if i care
    Ass And Hole: you do
    Ravagefox: not really
    Ass And Hole: smart
    Ravagefox: but you really should do something about your ego
    Ravagefox: its spilling out of your armor
    Ravagefox: you were probably an egotistical bastard in rs classic
    Ass And Hole: you dont hav any rares probably
    Ravagefox: what?

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    2. Bucket


      The only reason we think Hawking is brilliant is because his mother called everyone telling them he suffers from IDS.

    3. Coopersville


      I used to play Runescape. Once I teamed up with someone roughly five levels higher than me to search for silver armor in the wastelands. When we found it, he cornered me and I was forced to do battle with him. Dispite his higher level, I won, how embarrassing for him...

      Anyway, at around level 35, I had full adamite armor and axe(s), I could catch swordfish and mine mithril. When I first started playing Runescape, I had thought being at that point would be the greatest thing in the world, but after getting there, I found myself still unforfilled and too annoyed by the dolts in mention to go on any further. So, I left Runescape and have given up on all MMORPG's, for, just like Assmaster said, it's all only based on how much time you spend playing the game, and nothing more.

      Having left Runescape forever, I made a comic strip drawn on a 8x11" piece of printer paper based on what I disliked most about Runescape:


      Ass And Hole: anything under lvl 40 is n00b

      Anyone who still has the will to play Runescape after level fourty should have their head examined. I also suspect that Ass and Hole isn't his real name, otherwise I'm surprised such a person would survive fourty levels in Runescape's nearly ridiculous system of rules and policies. It'd be bitter sweet having him banned after all that meaningless work he put into that account.

    4. DooMBoy


      lupinx_resurrected said:

      Stop trying your banned and that's it. Your acting like SR.

      Dammit to hell, it's you're, as in you are. Dumbass.

      Let's try again:
      Stop trying, you're banned and that's it. You're acting like SR.

      Oh, IMHO, all MMORPGs suck.