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  1. Shit, they just took my mom to the hospital again. Diabetes is getting the worst of her again. She skipped one day of dialysis, and the next time she went, they took WAY too much out of her. To top that off, she hasn't eaten or drunk much of anything for two days. She's extremely dehydrated now, and she can't sit up or even move. At one point she was hallucinating. I would be at the hospital right now, but I'm stuck having to watch the kids. All I can do now is wait until they call. I swear to god she'd just giving up.

    Safe to say I'm scared shitfucked right now.

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    2. Grimm


      Easier said than done.

      Sorry to hear this man. Life can suck

    3. rf`


      Well the party's pretty much over, its around 3 am and only 4 people are awake. I think mom really appreciated it. Eventually I should put up some good pictures of her. I really should. She's such an awesome person.

    4. Laguna


      ravage said:

      It's official; she died sometime around 12:30 am. She waited until it was just her and dad. She stopped breathing a little after he went to sleep. She did exactly what I said she would. It's the same thing our cats did when they were dying.

      I'm happy for her though. She's no longer in pain, and is now with her father. And through it all, right to the end, even after, she beat the odds. They said she didn't have long to live when she first had her kidney transplant years ago. She beat the odds. When she was carrying me, they said there was a chance neither of us would live. She beat the odds. The last time she had a reaction so bad that she had stopped breathing, she beat the odds and came back. And now, despite all of the pain she went through, all of the sacrifices she has made, she's one hell of a woman, and there's no person alive who can say otherwise.

      She's got a whole new journey ahead of her; may she make the best of it too.

      I also want to thank everyone for being there for me. It means a lot.

      Man, I don't know what to say except I feel for you completely. I hope you feel better soon bud. On the positive side you're right, she's not suffering anymore and all things set aside, she's in a much better place. I guess that's the easiest way to look at it, something to take solace from that you know even though they're not physically here on earth, they're happy elsewhere without pain or suffering.

      I hope you feel better soon buddy. :(

      Take care.