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  1. [00:16] <rf`> MY CLASS IS FUCKING COCK
    [00:16] <rf`> not only is the entire course code based around popups, it is fucking buggy
    [00:16] <rf`> and it only works in IE
    [00:17] <Bob> haha
    [00:17] <Bob> best site evar
    [00:17] <rf`> and you submit an answer and IT SAYS THERE WAS ERROR LOADING PAGE DURR IE IS RETARDED YOU RETARDED
    [00:17] <Bob> heh
    [00:18] <rf`> i spent two hours answering 16 questions on a quiz due 20 minutes ago
    [00:18] <rf`> AND IM STILL NOT DONE
    [00:18] <rf`> which normally in class would have taken half a fucking hour
    [00:18] <Bob> you'd be better off mailing your test to the people who run the site
    [00:19] <Bob> at least real life doesn't hang
    [00:19] <rf`> sometimes it does
    [00:19] <rf`> i see shit reboot before my eyes
    [00:19] <rf`> sometimes the teacher does it too
    [00:19] <rf`> but mostly the students
    [00:19] <Bob> heh
    [00:19] <rf`> mostly addicts of some fashion or another
    [00:19] <Bob> real life has never rebooted for me
    [00:19] <Bob> heh
    [00:20] <Bob> Goths?
    [00:20] <rf`> stoners
    [00:20] <Bob> figures
    [00:20] <rf`> i finished
    [00:20] <rf`> and missed two questions
    [00:21] <rf`> jesus christ
    [00:21] <rf`> its due wednsday
    [00:21] <Bob> well at least you got it finished early
    [00:21] <Bob> so quit your bitching :P
    [00:22] <rf`> 60%
    [00:22] <rf`> I"M PASSING
    [00:22] <Bob> oO
    [00:22] <rf`> better than my 49% earlier
    [00:22] <Bob> I thought 60% was an F
    [00:22] <rf`> it is
    [00:22] <rf`> but its passing
    [00:22] <rf`> you know whats sad
    [00:22] <Bob> whats that
    [00:22] <rf`> this course is following the same trend as last quarter
    [00:23] <Bob> BOMB BOMB BOMB
    [00:23] <rf`> i had 60% most of the way
    [00:23] <rf`> and in the end I PULLEDE A 93$ OUT OF MY ASS
    [00:23] <rf`> and got on the dean's list
    [00:23] <Bob> win
    [00:23] <rf`> highest honors (all As 4.0 gpa)
    [00:23] <Bob> \o/
    [00:23] <rf`> so i better pull an A out of my ass this quarter

    This is the shit I have to put up with.

    Technology, I fucking hate you.

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