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  1. Incurable Hypocondriac:

    Doctor doctor, give me the bill.
    Doctor doctor, how am I ill?
    Will I make it thorugh the night?
    Will I give mother a fright?
    Doctor doctor, I need to know.

    Doctor doctor, what's wrong with me?
    Doctor hey now, how can this be?
    Can you tell just what it is?
    Or will they scream out "Unknown case?"
    Doctor doctor, give me the news!

    Get out your little bag
    Filled with wondor cures
    Tie me up with little rags
    See how much I'll endure

    Doctor doctor--Doctor doctor

    Doctor doctor, I need to know.

    (the beat is somewhat like Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam)

    One more quick one:

    "There was a little butterfly.
    He got eaten by a gnome.
    But still it tried to get by.
    Its dark and dank but now its home."

    1. Bucket


      I got a... bad case of LO-OVIN' YOOOOOOOU!!

    2. Gokuma


      I got this Lucifer Sam by Electric Hellfire Club. They tend to do a lot of covers like NIN's Heresy and Razed in Black's Prince of Darkness, so it might be based on the Pink Floyd song. There's this awful sound sample occasionally used in it of some kid saying "He says he can do anything if Lucifer helps him." It's hilarious hearing sound samples of people talking in songs and then happening to see a horror movie it's from. For example I heard White Zombie's first album before seeing the original Night of the Living Dead. Then on the beginning Nevermore's Dreaming Neon Black album, there's "Touch the darkness. She's been waiting for you." a couple times. I don't know the name of the movie but the actor who plays the main evil guy who says it is the same actor who plays the mutilated sergeant/whatever in charge of the army reform school in Malcom in the Middle.

    3. Danarchy


      Heh, yeah. Especialy since I listen to so much Skinny Puppy. A while back I watched Scanners for the first time and at the end where the bad guy goes "Brothers should be close, don't you think?" I was like "OMG, Faschist Jock Itch".