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  1. dammit

    just finished the final for my college math 1 online course.

    i fucking hate them.

    two hour timed test; one shot. if you close the window you get a zero. 30 questions. on a wbt course that is buggy as hell and slow to load.

    i finished the test with a fucking 56% bringing my total grade down to 68% Beforfe the final i had a 73%.

    granted i still passed, 60% is the lowest passing grade but still.

    congratulate me on proving to myself that i am a fucking moron. say it with me. I AM A FUCKING MORON.

    yes i am depressed right now, fukcing deal with it

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    2. Danarchy


      Use3D said:

      Yeah I'm buying that.

      What? Do you think I had to drop out because of my rampant alcoholism?

    3. Linguica


      ravage said:

      are our


    4. rf`


      Linguica said:


      dammit i fucked up again