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  1. I finally got a Wacom Graphics tablet. I'm so happy!

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    2. rf`


      Mancubus II said:

      If anyone wants a barely used 5x4 wacom tablet, pm me.

      That's what I have. I have a graphire3 5x4.

    3. deathbringer


      Anybody know how to get pressure sensitivity working in photoshop 5 limited edition (Windows XP machine...it DID work, then the tablet stopped working, as it sometimes does, restarted and that feature no longer worked, re-installed, still didnt work. XP seems to like ignoring the drivers and installing 'its own' drivers to use, which dont support pressure sensitivity, though the diagnostic tool made by Wacom still detects pressure levels)

    4. rf`


      This was the first pic I used my tablet in:


      I did the pic on the topleft corner, and the three at the far topright.

      This was the last one I did not a few minutes ago.


      And don't patronize me because it's furry art. I don't think anyone needs it. (xenphire that means you)