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    I liked the King of Hyrule better as a boat

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  1. 1 month without electricity
    2 months without internet
    2 weeks without water
    1 pain in the ass job
    7 members of family that drive me bonkers
    500 pages of artwork to scan
    0 scanners to do so
    0 life

    numbers suck and so does this blog

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    2. Bloodshedder


      rf` said:

      What's the price? and/or quality?

      FREE and known to work. Except you pay for shipping. It has an automatic document feeder, making it somewhat large.

    3. Ralphis


      I'll see his free + shipping and offer $1 + shipping

    4. Grazza


      Bucket said:

      I have a flying fuck...
      Nah, think I'll keep that for myself.

      Just you wait until the next time you see a rolling doughnut.