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    I liked the King of Hyrule better as a boat

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  1. Yep. Today I'm 25, and nothing special's going on that i know of.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Danarchy said:

      Oh shit, your avatar just brought back memories. I havenm't even seen that game in over 15 years.

      At some point during my last year of college I DOSBOX'd Jill, Bio-Menace, and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure when I discovered it was all being given away for free by Apogee. Shit was magical.

      Man, do I miss collegiate time management.

    3. Katamori


      You'll be 26 soon. =)

    4. C30N9


      Happy after 9 days birthday! :P