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  1. Feden05

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    my laggy gameplay from Episode 1:Archaic, simply this mapset is magnificent
  2. hello Endless, I reviewed your map with Brutal Pack v10, I have to admit that I really liked the combat (despite the fact that because of the mod that I used I cannot comment much on it) since you knew how to balance next to the space for battles, plus I had the feeling that it was a very slight slaughterwad. I really liked the set of textures you used, it feels very consistent and gives a very good atmosphere and feeling to the map. btw here is my gameplay:
  3. Feden05

    Dread Factory (First time OTEX!)

    hey sectrslayr, after completing your map in the Ultra-Violence difficulty I want to say that I found it quite fun, a little package of frenzy, and I want to say that it did not feel so difficult (I do not know if it is because of PB or because of an update) I actually never had a problem with the ammunition To be your first time in Otex, it is quite good, in some moments it feels inconsistent (mainly due to sudden changes in the tones, for example going from black to a greenish gray, I think lmao) As for combat, as I said, it feels very frenzied, and sometimes too excessive (for example, the zombieman's trap in the first sectors), I especially liked the way of introducing the battle with the two archviles (it didn't seem like it in the video, but in other attempts it was very difficult) and the choice between the plasmagun and the megasphere. All in all, a very frenzied map very nice to hang out or suffer a bit. by the way here is my playthrough
  4. hi m8, you have a really solid map, your strong point is combat, rs very funny and challenging at times (my biggest "negative criticism", to call it somehow, is the battle with the hell knight, I was unable to finish that fight without cheats , there are too many demons just with the shotgun). The use of textures in some moments does not fit me honestly, there may be improvement in that aspect. I wish you the best of luck with your megawad project, I think you have the skill to do it, Dominus is a great start. btw here are my stats, played with beautiful doom, i didn't found all the secrets.
  5. Feden05

    Limit-removing Doom II maps compilation #2

    you're right, I didn't realize it, when I can I'll try it vanilla and edit my review. apologies
  6. Well, where to start, I gave the map a taste with Hell Crusher (I don't like slaughterwads, just personal preference, I tried previously with Supercharge but it was impossible for me), and I have to tell you that this is a true masterpiece, the use of vanilla textures didn't stop you from doing it with an insane level of detail, but repetitive sometimes. I also add that I really like the fact that you have been able to transmit height so naturally on the outdoor area. The layout is very well planned, but it's true that there are too many switches, the area with the 4 switches felt strange, they were kinda hidden (or i'm just dumb) and the same effect could be transmitted with a single switch (same with the switches at the end). I can't say much about the combat for having passed the map with a mod that breaks the balance (keep in mind that I passed it in about 35 minutes on a blind-run), but what I tried with Supercharge was quite good, maybe the shotgun ammunition was scarce in the battle of the chaingun and we face very strong demons with a weak arsenal, but I did not go far from there. this is a very good start, i can't wait to see more of your work!
  7. Feden05

    Limit-removing Doom II maps compilation #2

    Hi elio, i give a little try to your mapset on Ultra-Violence with Project Brutality 3.0, I have to admit that these maps have some very interesting texturing and detailing (the map03 was my favourite, and map04 has a really nice lightning, you emulate shadows very well), but the levels are very confusing, it happened to me in almost all of being several minutes looking for the switch that opens a door, to another switch that opens another door. Also in terms of resources, the map feels like there is a lot of contrast, for example in map 01 you have 2 stimpacks and some bonuses, but a secret supercharge (still fair maps), and the shotgun ammunition is scarce and the ammunition for chaingun is very much left over (playing vanilla, the opposite happened actually). Finally, I know that this is just a compilation, but as the mapset progress is broken, we have the ssg in the first map, in the second we face 2 bosses but in the map03 there are pure zombieman and shotguner, but we already have the rocket laucher. Away from all of that is a really fun mapset to hang out. you have a lot of potential, I hope this helps you. Greetings!
  8. Whoa this looks nice. Can't wait to try it out
  9. This mapset is incredible, the great use of Otex (especially on the SGX03 map, where vegetation abounds, combined with human architecture, without breaking the aesthetic), the entertaining, challenging and very well detailed levels, I was playing it vanilla and with Brutal Doom, and the gameplay was equally good in both, an excellent and very fun mapset. the most beautiful way to make my pc suffer Of course my playtrough of the techbase maps is right here:
  10. Hello Fryuko, this is my playtrough of your wad, the maps are very fun, challenging and beautiful to see (you used Otex really well), the layout is very unique and the combat is very frenetic and difficult (specially on Map 02 and map01 final fight, little coverage and limited arsenal. I think a Baron Of Hell would be better for that fight, the archie is too aggressive). Have a nice day!