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  1. TheMetalEditor

    This is your DOOMStick!

    I have a Holiday Present for you all! I set up program to play DOOM WADs via USB with custom icons and 600+ line batch files that pulls up a prompt that asks what source port, if you want mouse look enabled and if you want jump enabled! it's as easy as shoving the source ports and WADs on a drive (all info in the readme) and it's good to go! Happy holidays and remember... This is your DOOMStick! (Happy DOSEmber) https://archive.org/details/thedoomstick_202112
  2. TheMetalEditor

    Earworm Thread - What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?

    This one too but I love it so I'm good with it! :D
  3. TheMetalEditor

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Mega Man 2099
  4. TheMetalEditor

    A odd Problem with SLADE...

    Oh jeez, I see what you mean! That's a bit worse then the 12ish lines I was dealing with XD
  5. TheMetalEditor

    Xeno Effect Final Version

    OOOoooohhhh, I am quite a fan of the classic Tomb Raider games and I love the idea of this mashup! Nice going @LavaWave!
  6. TheMetalEditor

    'Tis the season for killing demons! 😈 🔫🎅

    19 is new to me, nice ones!
  7. TheMetalEditor

    'Tis the season for killing demons! 😈 🔫🎅

    I have heard of Whitemare before and Xmas Doom is a classic, but I can't say I have seen The Merry Christmassy Doom Project until now I'm quite liking the first map, Thanks for the suggestion can't wait to try the rest!
  8. TheMetalEditor

    'Tis the season for killing demons! 😈 🔫🎅

    Oh yeah, I saw that Doomworld had a archive for holiday wads Some great pickings there! Edit: Hey the one I could only find on Moddb is on there
  9. TheMetalEditor

    'Tis the season for killing demons! 😈 🔫🎅

    Dang, 32 whole levels! I know what I'm going to do now, Thanks @Dubbag (I love the profile picture by the way XD)
  10. TheMetalEditor

    Holiday X DOOM Eternal

    Just a little edit I came up with after playing a bit of the new hoard mode with the Santa slayer skin on! (The end logo took quite longer then I thought it was going to XD)
  11. TheMetalEditor

    'Tis the season for killing demons! 😈 🔫🎅

    I'll start it off! Here is the pretty good asset mash wad for doom 2, there is no map or gameplay changes but the skins are nice and the music fit's the holiday mood! (Sadly I only could find it on moddb but hey, it works!) https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-christmas-for-doom-ii-final-doom Edit: Found it on doomworld :D https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/xmas/doomxmas
  12. What better way to celebrate the season then some kick ass demon slaughter? I figured I would start a thread for all WADs holly and jolly, what are some good WAD's you know of to get into the holiday spirit?
  13. TheMetalEditor

    A odd Problem with SLADE...

    Okay, So I found out that I was using the newest beta build so I went and downloaded v3.1.13, tried it out and it did not work. So then I went to the original beta install and Uninstalled it and v3.1.13 and then re-downloaded v3.1.13 and it worked like normal again! :D I can remove this question if it's needed to (don't want to go against any rules of any kind!) Alright, I'm going to get back to map making!
  14. TheMetalEditor

    25 year old map of mine

    Playing through it right now and I have to say I kind of like it. The unmixed version might be just a wee bit too hard and I can't say I'm too much of a fan of the whole hidden switches in most maps, but I dig the castle Theming of it all and overall especially for a updated map that's this old I like it! Does make me kinda wish that it was more then one level though (Edit: I also must say I like the name as well and if you do make another map maybe a little less stingy with ammo XD)