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  1. Electro Rage

    What are some bad map tropes?

    A bad trope is making a bad map (what a concept)
  2. Electro Rage

    How do you go on studying other people's maps?

    Playing the map. I notice thinks about maps as I play them, because seeing it as Doomguy is different than just flying towards it.
  3. Electro Rage

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    Pistol Start, UV-MAX (even when it's not worth it), Saves (because I'm gonna need it) DSDA-doom 0.24.3. Map 03 Slige Control: Boring ugly map. Not fun at all, probably because it's a Slige Map. Why was this included? Map 04 Deja Vu Long SSG heavy map that repeats the same room several times, with little health and armor. A COLLOSSAL waste of time. Map 03: D Map 04: F
  4. Electro Rage

    A Lil' Micro-Slaughter Experiment V2 [Boom]

    Awesome map, but the invulns undermine tension as other have said. I think removing the 1st one would make the start very unfun, and maybe impossible (I think you would just straight up kill yourself, could consider replacing that invuln with a mega [would also cause red screen for the fun of it]), and the 2nd and 4th ones are entirely pointless. The 3rd one will kill most of the enemies in the finale, and the 2nd one is on a very simple fight. You could theoretically remove all the invulns, but you'd need to make a definite change for the first fight, and MIGHT need to change the finale a bit. And if you'd like to keep the 3rd invuln, you could replace the Zombiemen with Revenants to make the invuln more useful with charging them (Charging into revs, a cyber and 2 archies to me is a death sentence unless you're really goated with the sauce). The midi also gives the finale a lot of dramatic potential, as by that point, it might be going crazy. Nice attempt at slaughter! P.S. You can waste those megaspheres with no worries! :)
  5. Electro Rage

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    Pistol Start, UV-MAX (even when it's not worth it), Saves (because I'm gonna need it) DSDA-doom 0.24.3. Map 01: The Furnace by Erik Alm Classic Erik Alm. Nice cozy visuals, enough difficulty to serve as a warm up for punching hell knights (which will be useful later), and is over-all just chill. It's basically Scythe Map 01 but better. Map 02: Coolant Platform by Iori Weird map to be honest. I think playing CPs like Capybara have really spoiled me, especially at the start. The secret rockets are pointless, because there is no rocket launcher. There are TWO barons of hell which I have to Shotgun or Chaingun to death. THERE'S NO SSG! Only Doom 1 monsters- hell it feels like E1 of Doom! I remember playing CC2 when I was a lot younger and leaving because of this map! There is a pointless switch pressing session at the start. I will say the visuals are okay, especially that strobe light room, might look at that to figure out how it's done, I like it a lot. Grade for map 01: B+ Map 02 grade: C-
  6. Electro Rage


    There's a difference between "hard" and "impossible"
  7. Electro Rage

    I feel too old

    I'd feel old too if I was a zoomer playing a game made in the 90s!.... wait a minute
  8. Electro Rage

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    The day some idiot causes Bitcoin to spike I can finally cash it in and get 1 quintillion robux.
  9. Electro Rage

    i want a game engine to make a game.

    I do too <3
  10. Map 01: Crusin' UAC played on CL9, UV with DSDA-Doom 0.24.3. with rewinds 100% Kills and Secrets. Review: I think this map is a great starter to a great wad. First things first, the combat, always start with combat: It's pretty great. It's nowhere near full Mouldy, but it's still fucking awesome. Something that this wad has helped me understand about scenarios like these is that Mouldy gives you a fight, and while you are doing that said fight, he springs another smaller trap that can catch an unsuspecting player. Like those fucking pinky traps, I swear he shows off a bunch of pinkies and does a silent teleport behind you, bloody diabolical. And also when he spawns in a full on marine trap after the well made basement fight, which take you by surprise. He manages to make a bad ass map in combat with just the Shotguns, the Chaingun, and the berserk, which takes a level of mastery you would expect from a full-blown megawad. I like the touch of the marines coming out of the living quarters, and with the note of "Living Quarters" I must talk about the incredible visuals. We have a computer station that blew up, living quarters with guts everywhere, a toliet! THAT WHEN YOU FLUSH IT, IT REVEALS AN INVIS IN THE SHOWER! A flooded basement, a crane, a BOAT for that crane, a control station. The island of the next map and the bonus map in the 31 slot, everywhere IS RICH with wordless exposition, of a place that was lived in, that eventually everyone was possessed to kill YOU specifically ON YOUR VACATION HOURS! Now, clearly this might've been a new operation of the UAC to ship out something to an island, maybe to the other side of the planet, to give say teleporter technology, the possibilities are literally endless. All of these together create a boat filled with life, and ambush. An invasion, perhaps. Also the music is awesome. What else can I say. Grade A+ Difficulty C- P.S. maybe I'm reading too far into it.
  11. +1 for Capybara by Various People +1 for Overboard by Cyriak +1 for Dance On The Water by El Inferno
  12. Absolutely incredible mapset. I disagree with the text file, Map 05 is way harder than map 04. You can find a secret BFG which trivializes the whole map in map 04, you can't do that in Map 05. And in general, the fights in Map 05 are just harder. I will say, the ammo famine that map 04 has does make it hard until you get enough ammo to overcome said famine. Each map was awesome and there is something for everyone, from more casual doom (This mapset isn't that bad compared to say, Sunlust or Flotsam) yet still holding a decent level of challenge and exciting combat for the more challenge seeking doom player. It's also pretty good looking, and really gives it that Mountaineer feeling. Jimmy's music also really sells the journey, drenching it in whatever atmosphere has (Map 01 feels like the start of a journey, Map 02 is like something going horribly wrong, Map 03 is like being thrown into a pack of pinkies with only the normal shotgun, Map 04 feels daunting, and map 05 feels like a not-yet-won end of a journey, and Map 06 is a blissful end). Absolutely beautiful mapset, A+ shit.
  13. Electro Rage

    Sally (Boom map)

    That Dehacked monster is fucked. Good shit brother, I loved this. Took beach to a NEW LEVEL! Slaughter at it's finest, and cute visuals. I really liked that massive ass pie, and the rocket cache secret was cool.
  14. Electro Rage

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    That:s one fucked up dog
  15. Electro Rage

    most enthralling gameplay moment(s) in doom?

    Map 06 of Fractured Worlds: The White Room. You just have to see it for yourself. No words can describe the adrenaline I felt.